Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Horror!

I had a traumatic experience tonight.  I went down to the basement to get a head start on laundry, since tomorrow is my laundry day.  I was getting ready to throw in a load, when I saw it: evidence that I was not alone in the basement.  

Are you freaked out yet?  Because I have never been so terrified in my life.  

...I will spare you the details, but basically I was sharing the basement with a mouse!  Or mice.  Hold me!

I screamed over and over and ran upstairs and had a breakdown.  Luke wasn't phased, so I called my dad, whom I thought would humor me a little more.  (When in doubt, call your dad).  Luckily he did, and spent about 10 minutes on the phone with me, talking me off the ledge.  This all happened about 40 minutes ago, and I still feel like there are mice crawling all over my skin.  

I think I may have discovered a new irrational fear.  This might trump my strange fear of frogs.  

Anyway, I think I've convinced Luke to set some traps and maybe even do some laundry, because let's be honest: I am NOT going down there until all evidence is gone!

Clearly, I am much too distressed to concentrate on homework!  So I decided to write a blog post instead (okay, that's an excuse.  I admit it).  After I finish this post, I think I'll take a shower in bleach, and then curl up in bed and watch the debate and try to forget the horrors that have unfolded before my eyes tonight.  I'm telling you, I am running through scenarios in  my head, trying to figure out how I could avoid doing laundry in the basement all winter.  Do you think it's too late too move back to the upstairs apartment?  


Now for some happy thoughts to help me cope with this traumatic situation.

Today I saw this in a bathroom stall at school.  I thought it was amazing:
...I think I just got called fat, though.  That part just now made sense to me.

This weekend, Luke and I attended a birthday party for his cousin's baby.  It was her first birthday!
 ...she loves Luke!

This happened...real men wear pink

I purchased these.  I am told (by the tag) that they are "cherry bomb" red.  I have yet to work up the courage to wear them, but the prospect looks good for church this Sunday...we shall see.

Luke and I fried a bunch of donuts for a fall fest at our local park.  Cute babies, apple cider, a bonfire, and hayride were also part of the evening, so basically it was a win in every way. 

And last night Luke, JC, and I went on a spontaneous trip out on the town.  We went shopping, and then to a late dinner at Texas Roadhouse, followed by a viewing of How I Met Your Mother.  It was perfection, and I said that since Mondays are so fundamentally crappy, they should all involve fun little outings like that one. 


Well, the debate has started without me, so I must sign off.  I will try to stay strong.  I will not let the paranoia rodents get to me!

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