Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but my church is about to begin construction on a whole new wing! It's a pretty exciting time, and we know God has amazing things in store. However, this is bittersweet for me. It's Just a tiny bit bitter, and mostly sweet. I can't help but be a little sad.

Our church is not big enough at this time. Sunday morning it can take up to ten minutes just to get from the sanctuary to the exit door, because of the huge mobs of people in the lobby. We currently have 4 services every Sunday morning, and all but one are bursting full of people. We need more room!

Here's a little (recent) church history: In 2002 (I believe) we added a whole new wing onto our church. It included a big new lobby area, a gym, classrooms, offices, a social room, kitchen, and a new library. We thought we were set for awhile. But it seems that we have outgrown the facility again. There is only one problem with that: our church is land-locked. There's a big canyon behind it, a road right in front of it, and parking lots and houses on both sides. There is literally nowhere to grow! So after months and months of deliberation, the church finally came up with a plan: completely demolish the old section of the building, and rebuild it, in a way that will provide for more church growth!

What an exciting time, right?? It really is. We start construction very soon! This morning was our very last church service in the sanctuary. And this week, things are going to start being cleaned out and deconstructed. I hate to get sentimental, but I felt like I really wanted to "say goodbye" to the place where I feel like half of my memories have been made!

I have a lot of personal history at this church. My parents have both attended there pretty much forever. They were married there. My sister and I were dedicated there. I went to Sunday School and children's church there every Sunday, and CLC, which later turned to KBC, every Wednesday night. I remember going up onstage and receiving a Bible from the church in second grade. I remember performing concerts and Christmas musicals with the children's choir. I attended youth group there all through junior high and high school. I made some of the best friends and shared some of the most bonding experiences with these people. After high school, I started helping out with the youth group, and that is where I got to know and fell in love with Luke, and it's where we said our vows on our wedding day four years later. It's where our young adult worship service is held on Sunday mornings which started out with a few dozen people, and is now too big for all the young adults and families who attend to fit.

Tonight I took a walk through the old section of the church, and took some pictures before the construction begins.

Here is what you see upon entering the old section. It is the children's wing, and it has a "reignforest" theme.
"The Hut," or welcome area for the children's department and our supply closet, used to be the church library before the add-on in 2002. I checked out books and movies here probably just about every Sunday (still do, in the new library!)
They've already started cleaning out, so it's a little messy

Here is the 2&3 year old's classroom. It wasn't bright green back in 1986 when I was in there, though ;-) It is also the room where my mom taught her little preschool class on Wednesday nights called Joy Bells during KBC. And I taught in that room a few years ago, too!I wonder how many little people have sat in those chairs and were taught the foundations of faith.
This is now a hallway with classrooms on either side, but when I was little it was one big room with four little open Sunday School classrooms surrounding it. It's where k-3 grade had children's church and Sunday School. Karen would tell us stories and lead us in singing fun songs, and then we'd go into our little classrooms for Sunday school where we'd listen to more stories, played games, ane made crafts. And if we were lucky, we had a snack and some punch ;-)
This is the chapel, and it's the room where the 4-6 graders had children's church when I was little. I remember our teacher, Marsine, bringing Bible stories to life, and teaching us what it really meant to be Christians and have faith. This room is now a preschool classroom.
This room, which is now a classroom, was once our youth room. I can't believe we all fit in there! When I was a freshman, we repainted the room. Our youth leader, who just happened to be my aunt, let us paint it however we wanted! We decided to paint it like the sky: one half of the room was painted with a sun and puffy clouds, and the other side was painted with the moon and stars. A bunch of us girls got together during Christmas break that year to paint it. I wish I still had a picture of it!!
This room was at one time our social room. There is a small kitchen off to the side, so this is where we would have dinners and parties. I remember playing games in this room at KBC in gradeschool. I remember serving spaghetti dinners in here to raise money for my mission trip to Belize in 2000. It later turned into the youth room when we outgrew our old one. And that's what it is now.
Here is the old nursery. Although I don't remember back then, I'm sure I spent lots of time in here as a baby! I've also worked in the nursery watching lots and lots of babies, some of whom I'm sure are just about old enough to work in the nursery themselves now! I feel old :-P
And that brings me to my final stop of my picture-walk: the sanctuary (which is a mess because the band was setting up for 30 Hour Famine this weekend...the very last event that will be held in there).
In seventh grade I graduated from children's church, and was allowed to sit up here with all the adults in REAL church! I remember feeling so grown up my first Sunday up there :-) I've heard countless sermons in this room, which have no doubt shaped me into the person I am today. I've worshiped and sang my heart out in this room. I've laughed and I've cried. I've knelt at the alter and had some amazing experiences and conversations with God here. I became a wife right there on the stage. Once the regular congregation outgrew this sanctuary, they moved downstairs to the gym, and it became the place for the one80 service, our young adult worship service. I've watched Luke play his drums onstage every Sunday for the past couple of years. This is the place that I will miss the most.

I will miss the building. But I'm glad we're getting ready for something so much better! The building itself is not what has made my memories here so special. Instead, it is the presence of God. It is the people and the fellowship. It's the experience I've had worshipping and growing closer with my Father. It's the teachers who have taught me about Jesus, and what it means to be a real Christian. It's the people who I've prayed with, prayed for, and who have prayed for me. It's the things I smiled at, and the things that have made me cry. It's the feeling of community that I've always felt there, and the fact that my faith has been cultivated and grown a little every time I've walked through the doors. These things will still be present in the new building. they would be present if we met in a shack or on a hillside. And because of that, I can't wait to see what amazing things God will do at DFC!

What memories will I make there? Will my own children be dedicated there? Is it where they will become saved? Maybe they will meet their future spouses there, just like Luke and I did, and my parents did ;-) Where will we be "called to serve" there in the next 50 or so years? What new lessons will I learn, and what new experiences with God will I have? I can't wait to find out!

Although I may have shed a tear or two today as I walked through the old section of the church, I couldn't be more happy about the new addition, and I pray that God will use us in it to bring more people to Him!

If you go or have ever gone to DFC, feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite DFC memory! :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apparently I'm Very Persuasive!

Well, it seems that my little commercial for Disney World may have actually worked. I was totally expecting Luke to laugh at my idea and tell me that there was no way he was going to spend money on a trip to Disney World in the summer. But he told me he is actually interested...if we can afford it, that is.

Basically, I don't know yet how much the whole thing would cost, and if we in fact CAN afford it. I am willing to save every cent of my splurge money possible in order to help pay for the trip. And today I am writing this post begging for your travel advice!

I've spent the last hour or two...or more...researching every corner of the internet for travel sites where I can hopefully find cheap flights/hotels/tickets. And all I've managed to do is confuse and overwhelm myself. I've been on Travelocity, Expedia, name the travel site, I've probably been there this evening. And my brain is just on information overload! Do you have a suggestion of a favorite travel website?? There are just so many out there. I think I like Expedia the most at this point, because it just seems to be the easiest for me to use for some reason.

Another question...anyone who has visited Orlando a lot: Are there any CHEAP hotels that you would recommend? I know you get what you pay for, and I won't get anything spectacular for low, low prices. However, it would be nice to get recommendations for places that are at the very least clean and comfortable!

Also, do you have any favorite tips on discounts to Disney World tickets or things inside the parks? I'm already getting a day free through the volunteer program, so that will help a lot. IF we go, that is.

At this point, I'm really trying not to get my hopes up. I'd say there's maybe a 50% chance that we will go. But I just absolutely LOVE trip planning, and I'm trying to figure out if this is going to be a good idea for us financially. I should have been a travel agent.

I'm actually a little shocked at how cheap the airplane tickets and some hotels are! Not very expensive at all! It's the tickets to the park that seem to cost an arm and a leg. And Luke and I talked about it a little bit, and we decided if we go, we want to skip Epcot and Animal Kingdom, and go to Universal/Islands of Adventure instead. Luke's more interested in that than Disney World, and I really want to check out the new Harry Potter section of IoA! Anybody know if there's a way to get discounted tickets to those parks, too?

So anyway, if you have ANY tips or tricks that would help me with potentially planning this spontaneous vacation, I'm all ears (get it? Mickey Mouse? Ears? Sorry, I had to :-P)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Disney Day

A month or so ago I was approached by a coworker to see if I would volunteer to be a judge for a Destination Imagination competition (DI is a program for elementary kids...if you've never heard of it, it's okay, I don't entirely understand what it is yet either. Ha!) I was told that I would have to spend a Saturday morning being trained, and then give up another entire Saturday from dawn until dusk judging the actual day of the competition. I decided that wasn't so bad, and plus one of my friends from work was doing it so I wouldn't be totally alone! So I decided to do it.

Fast forward to Monday of this week. I received my information packet about being a "DI Appraiser" and come to find out that DI volunteers are officially on the list for Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" program. For those of you who haven't heard of this program, if you volunteer for a day for any of the approved programs on the Disney website, you get a 1-day, 1-park ticket to Disneyland or Disney World. FOR FREE.

When I first heard about this program, I scoffed at it. I thought it was so silly to bribe people to volunteer. If they're getting something out of it, it's not really volunteering. However, I did sign up to volunteer BEFORE I knew it was one of the approved volunteer opportunities on the Disney website. And when I first heard that I COULD gain a free ticket to Disney World for volunteering, I didn't give it a second though because Luke and I have no plans to travel to Florida this year. Or anywhere, for that matter. Our vacation money is being spent on car repairs :-P

Well, of course in the boredom of my workday today, the wheels finally started turning in my mind. I'm a Disney FREAK. I love it. I don't care that I'm 25 years old...I would give my right arm to visit Disney World again :-P

During my lunch break today I found myself searching online for the cheapest flights I could find to Orlando, and the cheapest hotels there. By the end of the day I pretty much had an entire vacation dreamed up in my mind.

I really thought this thing through. I thought I could go to Disney World sometime this summer (I know...Florida in the summer...YUCK. But when you work in a school, you don't have a whole lot of vacation time that's NOT in the summer). I would want to leave super early in the morning on a Monday and fly out to Orlando. I would probably want to purchase a 1-day park-hopper ticket so that I could spend a day going back and forth between Animal Kingdom and Epcot, my two least favorite parks. Then I'd buy a 1-day, 1-park ticket so that I could spend the whole day Tuesday at Hollywood Studios. I would then use my free ticket on Wednesday to spend the entire day at Magic Kingdom, by FAR my favorite Disney park. On Thursday I'd either fly out early, or book a later flight so I could spend some of the day exploring and shopping at Downtown Disney.

I would want to get to the parks in the morning the moment they open, and not leave until they close. I would book the cheapest hotel I could find that has a shuttle bus service to the parks. I don't mind a little less luxury and a little more work if it means going to Disney World! And if it was just me going, I have no doubt that I could save up enough of my splurge money (aka weekly allowance) and then some to do it before this summer.

There is only one problem with my whole plan: Luke. I am willing to save up my own splurge money to pay for this trip for myself, but I doubt he would be. And I probably couldn't save up enough money to pay for both of us. I would be willing to brave the Florida heat, but I'm not sure if he would be so gung-ho about the whole thing. I would be more than happy to spend upwards of 12 hours on my feet, three days straight if it meant exploring the "Happiest Place on Earth." But I'm not so sure about my hard-working hubby, who would probably more enjoy a relaxing vacation. Sigh.

I'm still pondering the idea in my head. I seriously considered making a persuasive Powerpoint presentation about why we should take a trip to Disney World this summer. I decided that was a little too extreme, though :-P So instead, I thought I'd write a blog post about the whole thing to try to convince him ;-) And hey, if he can't go, I can always try to pursuade someone else to go with me. (Julie?? If you're reading this, I'm talking about you :-P How fun would a sister trip be??)

Anyway, I would really love to go with Luke, and I really want to go to Disney World before we have kids. Kind of like one last time to BE kids before we have our own. Not that we're having kids anytime soon, but I figure if I could get a day FREE, what better time than now to go? I guess it's just a little dream I have :-)

I mean, who could turn down THIS??

Luke, if you're reading this, please let me down easy :-P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Musical Theater

I LOVE musical theater! I love any type of show, whether it be at a high school, a local theater, or on Broadway.

My first experience with a real Broadway show was "The Lion King" in 2001. I had the chance to go see it on a band trip when I was about sixteen. Within the first five minutes I had tears running down my cheeks because it was so beautiful. It was amazing how all of the actors, dancers, costumes, and sets brought the movie to life. It looked like there were real animals on the stage, and it was breathtakingly beautiful! I was hungry for more :-)

The next time I had the pleasure of going to a Broadway musical was in 2008. My family + Luke went to see "Wicked" when it was on tour in Cleveland. I didn't know anything about the musical beforehand, and was just absolutely blown away by it. I enjoyed it even more than "The Lion King." It had a great plot, it was hilarious, the music was incredible, and it was just completely captivating. Even Luke genuinely enjoyed it, so you know there was truly something for everyone. I could not help but become completely pulled in by the story and the music. Ahhh, I loved it. Here are Luke and I outside after the whole experience (it was during February...don't we both look like we haven't seen the sun in years?!)
And here's a video of a few will make you want to go see it too ;-)

There is only one musical that I like more than "Wicked." I've always been intrigued by the story, but in 2004 when It was made into a movie, my interest exploded. I rented the movie because I had mono and had nothing else to do, and seriously watched it over and over when I was sick. I got the soundtrack and listened to it for hours. It was the only thing that got me through those boring weeks of being sick in bed. I remember making a desktop wallpaper with pictures from the Broadway musical. And I could sing every word of every song in the entire musical to you right now....

I'm talking about Phantom of the Opera. Ever since my obsession started in 2004 I've been following the musical online to see if it would ever come to Cleveland or Pittsburgh. Well, tonight I was bored and decided to check again, and GUESS WHAT!! This July 28-August 22, it will be in Playhouse Square in Cleveland!!! I think I will buy tickets the day they go on sale. I have been wanting to see the musical for six years! If you were to go look at the bucket list I made about a year ago, you would see that going to see this musical is #66 on the list of things I want to do before I die. I am sooo excited!

I was sitting in the living room on my laptop when I saw the tour dates, and I gasped so forcefully, Luke jerked his head around like he thought something very alarming had just happened. Then I proceeded to squeal and gasp some more and giggle a lot too as I explained the situation to him :-P I then started shaking a little. That's how excited I am!! Just hearing those first few notes of the overture makes my heart start to race. I can't wait!!! I wanted to post a video, but all the ones from the musical that I found have embedding disabled. So here is the overture from the movie, because it's the best I could do :-P I'm sure it doesn't even begin to compare to the actual musical, but it's my favorite movie nonetheless :-) Have you ever heard a more haunting tune than this one? Oh man, I LOVE it!!!

I'm sure this is not the last you will hear about this musical before I go see it this summer. But I am so excited I just had to share today! I don't know exactly when I'm going or even who I'm going with, but I don't even care at this point. I'll go by myself if I have to :-P I could not be more excited!!!

Have you ever seen this musical? What is your favorite musical??

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've seen a couple of movies lately that I think are worth posting about. First of all, I went to see "Dear John" with my mom on Monday.
Since "Dear John" is a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book, I just had to see it! And the fact that Channing Tatum was in it didn't hurt at all, but don't tell Luke I said that ;-) Anyway, it was a good movie, and I'd recommend it. I really don't want to give anything away, so I won't say much about it. But who doesn't love a good romance movie set near the ocean? It definitely wasn't my favorite Nicholas Sparks book-made-movie, but it was worth seeing.

I haven't read the book at all, so really didn't know what to expect when I came into the theater. I had predictions, but they actually all proved to be wrong, and there was a twist or two that I definitely didn't see coming. And one great thing about it was that I only cried a little bit...not buckets like when I saw "A Walk to Remember," "Message in a Bottle," or "Nights in Rodanthe." :-)

The second movie I want to mention was one that I've been seeing previews for for MONTHS. I had seen so many previews for it, I couldn't NOT see it. I was just too curious. The movie I'm talking about, if you haven't figured it out, is "Shutter Island."
When I walked into the movie theater, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. And when the movie started unraveling, I only felt more and more in the dark. From the very beginning, the movie gave me a feeling of unrest. Seeing the dark and dreary island full of white-coated nurses and orderlies escorting around the patients/ was all just very unsettling! Something just didn't feel right. It was very eerie!

Anyway, I got completely sucked in by the plot. It was one of those movies that made me forget that I was in a movie theater, and I actually felt like I was going through what the main character was going through. By the end of it all, I didn't know what was what anymore, or who to trust. It was great when it all came together in the end :-)

And it wasn't really a horror movie...there were no fancy scare tactics, and there weren't many special effects or "jump moments." But there were moments that in their simplicity were so bone-chillingly frightening, I could feel my pulse quickening and goose bumps rising on my arms!

I really enjoyed both movies, and would recommend either one! Especially Shutter Island. It was creepy, but not quite as scary as I was expecting. So don't let that stop you from seeing it!

What movies have you seen lately??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Love: an Eye-Opener

I want to start off by apologizing for yesterday's pessimistic post. It had been a very stressful day, and the weather was just something I couldn't deal with at the time. I'm feeling much better now, and I'm not hating the snow quite so much at the moment.

Today's post is much more uplifting, I promise :-)

I recently finished reading "Crazy Love" for my Bible study. The book really pushed me to jump out of my comfort zone, stop caring about what others think of me, and to stop being selfish. Honestly, selfishness is something that I really struggle with, especially when it comes to my time. I love being at home and doing my own thing, and I realized that I love it way too much. God does not call us to a life of comfort or self-centeredness. I guess it took that book to show me that.

One of the last chapters of the book is chalk full of examples of people who lived radically for Christ. They made themselves nothing, taking the very nature of servants. Sound familiar? Yeah, Jesus did that too :-) And that's what I want to do with my life. It's what I've always wanted to do, but somehow I've lost sight of that lately.

Now that I've realized that I'm being totally selfish and need to reexamine my life and make sure I'm not being a lukewarm Christian, there is another dilemma: where exactly do I begin?

The author of the book, Francis Chan, explains that living radically for Christ means that we need to let go of our insecurities. We need to forget what is normal for people, or even what is normal for Christians. He used the example that he and his family constantly have other people living with them who have nowhere else to go. This may not be normal, but it is what God called them to do. So first of all, I'm going to try to break the mold and not be self conscious about doing things for other people.

Okay, so now I know that I need to ignore social standards, but that still doesn't exactly tell me WHERE to start. Francis Chan also emphasizes that we shouldn't make these huge plans of how we are going to serve someday. Instead, we should worry about it one day at a time. Basically, we should find places in our worlds every day where we can serve others, and show them the love of Christ. Whether it be at work, at school, at home...even in line at the grocery store, or on the road during rush hour.

So that gives me a starting point. I've decided to really make an effort here to start viewing myself as a servant. I'm going to try to find at least one random act of kindness to do everyday. the more anonymous, the better. So hopefully, these little random acts will become a habit in my life, and will evolve into bigger and better things. I figure, ya gotta start somewhere!

"Crazy Love" was a GREAT book! It really opened my eyes, and made me realize that my outlook on Christianity and my relationship with God was a little warped. I learned so much about God, and feel like my relationship with Him has changed. It was a really quick, easy read, but at the same time, was a very big challenge because of the way it made me examine my life and my faults. If you haven't read it, you should!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Might be...

You've all probably heard Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck" jokes. Well, today I decided to write my own version: You Might be an Ohioan (you could probably replace Ohioan for Midwesterner as well). And please no Ohio jokes about the fact that if we're Ohioans, we're probably rednecks. I will disagree with you...we're not ALL rednecks, anyway :-P But I digress...

Anyway, this post isn't so much funny as it is just my way of blowing off steam because I'm mad at the weather. I've officially reached my limit, and the winter blues have set in. I'm feeling slightly depressed, and venting helps :-P

You might be an Ohian if you risk your life every time you walk beside your house due to giant, human-killing ice spears just waiting to fall on your head:

You might be an Ohioan if you eat snow every morning as it blows in your face while you brush the 4 inches of it off of your car.

You might be an Ohioan if you forget what things like grass and sunshine look like.

If you are constantly changing your socks upon returning home, because you accidentally stepped in some of the 8 pounds of snow that fell off of your shoes as you walked through the door, you might be an Ohioan.

If you have bumps and bruises all over your body and don't know where they came from, they're probably from all those times when you slipped and fell on the ice. And you're probably an Ohioan.

If you have gotten in a car accident because you couldn't see over the piles of plowed snow that are two times the height of your car as you blindly pulled out of your driveway, you might be an Ohioan.

You are probably and Ohioan if your car has ever gotten stuck in the middle of the highway with your tires spinning because you got there before the plows did. And of course there is always a line of 20 cars behind you, your face is flaming red in embarrassment, and you are simultaneously having a panic attack due to your horrible winter driving anxiety (okay, maybe this one's just me :-P)

If you have visited anytime in the past three weeks and have constantly seen the little orange or red box that says "Winter Weather Advisory" or "Winter Storm Watch" inside, no matter what time of day or night, you might be from Ohio.

You are probably an Ohioan if you've ever walked into the grocery store with snowy shoes, stomped on the rug to get the snow off of your shoes, and then been promptly splashed in the eye with dirty parking lot snow-water because the rug has been soaking up hundreds of peoples' dirty shoe snow all day, and it's so wet that the water is literally running off of it, but you didn't notice because you were blinded by the snow that was just blowing in your face outside and all you care about is getting inside out of the snow and promptly drying off your shoes so you don't go skidding and skating across the slick floor. (How's that for a run-on sentence??)

I think I'll leave it at that, although that doesn't even begin to get into all the negatives about this crap. Can you tell I've been a little jaded by the weather as of late? Yeah, I no longer have a good attitude about winter. Although I must say, I held out for a pretty long time! It officially took me until February 17 before I cracked. And that may be a new record for me!

However, if you live somewhere where it's above 60 degrees right now...heck, if you live somewhere where it's above 40 degrees right now, I pretty much hate you. You simply do not understand what it's like to live in this, and I hate you for that.

Just kidding, of course I don't hate you! But I am hopelessly jealous, and seriously pondering the question of WHY I don't live where YOU live right now.

For the record, I don't know what it's like to live somewhere where it gets well above 100 degrees as the norm during the summer. BUT, I can't imagine it being worse than this, and I really think I would trade this for that in a heartbeat. I lived in Belize for week and even got severe heat exhaustion...and it was better than THIS! :-P

I apologize for my general negativity and nastiness in this post. I promise to post something uplifting and happy next time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentines Day

Our Valentines Day was...okay. I'm just being real here. It started out really nice! We went to church, and then Hot Dog Shoppe of course :-P Here we are at lunch there (JC was there too!) like every week.
We exchanged gifts. I got him a couple blu-rays and he got me the "Marley and Me" blu-ray and a lot of candy, which I loved!

Then Luke had band practice and I spent pretty much the entire day preparing for and cooking our meal: salad, chicken Parmesan, and garlic mashed potatoes. It was a really crazy meal to prepare and I completely demolished my clean kitchen, but I think it was worth it! It was really good, although my potatoes were lumpy. But it was my first time making them, so I guess that's to be expected. We ate dinner at our new dining room table!
And I had fun decorating the table with red buckets filled with pink beads and candles, my pink strawberry candle, and pink and red candy.
After dinner is where things started going downhill. The plan was to watch the All-Star game, and then a movie while we ate our fondue. Well that didn't quite work out. First of all, the game was on until almost midnight. so obviously for us old people, that was too late to watch a movie :-P And by this time, I was pretty sick of basketball, and getting pretty grumpy. Also, we were still pretty full from our dinner, and after I spent a ton of time setting up the fondue upstairs, we barely ate any. And I have tons of food left over. And it just made me more grumpy. It looked nice, though :-PBTW, I highly recommend strawberry marshmallows. They were delish!
So our day started out nice. But basketball and my bad attitude made the day kind of end on a bad note.

Luckily we are going out to a nice dinner tonight at Carrabbas because we have a gift card for there. So we can make up for last night :-) That is, as long as the weather doesn't get too bad. We're supposed to get another snowstorm, so I may be having my seventh straight day off from work tomorrow. Sigh...I almost want to go back. ALMOST.

I hope you all had great Valentines Days!! :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Wanna Grow Old With You

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you
I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it would be so nice growing old with you
I'll miss you, kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you, feed you
Even let you hold the remote control
So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
I could be the girl who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

This song, which Adam Sandler sang during The Wedding Singer, became sort of our unofficial song while dating. It was our ringtone for each other. I've always thought the song is so cute, and talks about just the everyday things that we do for each other :-) I thought this would be fun to post for my Valentine ;-)

And the picture that goes along with "put you to bed when you've had too much to drink" is actually just us drinking pop. lol...we don't really drink, so I didn't have a picture to go along with that one :-P

Anyway, have a great Valentines Day!!