Friday, November 2, 2012

He Knows

I remember a few weeks ago saying that I had already survived the most intense week of the semester.

Then last week happened.  My professor moved the due date a week ahead for a project, and I was scheduled for a huge diagnostic session on Friday (today) where I'd have to learn 3 new tests to administer.  

Last Thursday, I had a major meltdown.  I let the stress take over, and all I could do was pray that the Lord would guide me during this stressful week.  

Of course He answered my prayers, and then some!  He knows how much we can handle, and once again He has proven that I can trust Him with anything.  

I had a big test scheduled for Tuesday and another one on Thursday.  Because of Sandy, a lot of people lost power, and my professor postponed the test until Thursday. Another professor got stranded in Pheonix, so the other test was postponed, and class was cancelled!  I got to go home super early on Tuesday to work on everything.  And then Wednesday I got the email saying my client had cancelled the diagnostic session for Friday.

At one point on Wednesday after I had caught all these breaks that I knew weren't coincidence at all, I burst into tears.  I just felt so loved and cared for.  I know God is carrying me every step of the way through this journey.  

I was even able to find some time for some fun things in the past week.  Things that are so needed in order to keep my sanity!

Last Saturday we had a party at our house for the Ohio State game with lots of our friends and their kids. I am SO glad I was able to dig out a bunch of books, a coloring book, and some crayons from my therapy materials to keep the kids entertained!  I should probably invest in some toys since so many of my friends have kids.  Anyway, Ohio State won, so it was a great night.

On Sunday the Wallace crew fried a bunch of donuts for Trunk-r-Treat night at church.  Sandy had just about arrived by that time, but we were able to stay covered, so it wasn't all that bad:

My iPhone 5 finally arrived this week after a month of waiting for it to ship!  I am in love. I told Luke it's so fast it practically does what I want it to before I click the button!

On Halloween our church had an 80s night to promote our new satellite church.  The band made a fun music video and went ALL OUT with their outfits.  We (the band + their women) actually had a shopping trip a few weeks ago to Goodwill where we picked out our outfits.  Anyway, It was such a fun night!  Everyone looked awesome.

 Umm, yup...that's my husband.  My hair totally would have rocked in the 80s.  

Luke and JC, BFFs

Also, November 1 has arrived, so it's red cup time at Starbucks!  I bet November 1 must be one of their highest selling days, because that red cup represents so much...the best time of year is here!!  The Polsky Starbucks at school apparently didn't get the memo about the red cups, but their little cardboard sleeves made me pretty happy.

So that's been my life for the past couple of weeks.  If God calls you to it, He'll bring you through it.  That's what I've learned lately.  On my own, I would have lost my sanity weeks ago.  I'm so glad I don't have to do this on my own.

And if all else fails, the words my friend from school posted on Facebook the other day keep ringing through my head: "...I just keep telling myself that sometime during the third week of December, I will take a nap."


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  1. what a neat example of God not giving you more than you can handle! good luck this week with your tests! and I do should invest in some toys because lots of our friends have kids! love the 80's costumes!


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