Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

I had some stressful, grueling days this week, so I'm glad these Friday posts let me look back and remember the good things about my week!

I finally reached 60,000 Viggle points, and I thought it deserved a picture.  I've been Viggling hardcore lately.  Basically, if I'm at home, I'm checked into a show.  And actually, I've gotten 4,000 more points since this screenshot was taken, so I have more than enough points for a $25 gift card!  Yay free stuff!  If you don't know what Viggle is, it's an app where you get points for "checking in" to TV shows, and your points can be redeemed for prizes: anything from a $5 gift card to a cruise!  It's pretty awesome.  I did not mean to get off on such a Viggle tangent...

Somehow, this little lady was the star of my Instagram account this week.  It's weird, but I've been a little emotional lately about my cats and how they'll adjust to the baby, and whether they'll feel abandoned.  Honestly,  I have cried over it.  I feel like that is something I probably shouldn't admit for the world to see, so I'll blame it on the hormones. I'm really not a crazy cat lady! Anyway, I guess I am giving the cats a lot of attention lately, so that means lots of pictures.  Gabby is MIA in these pictures for some reason, but don't worry, she gets just as much attention as Ellie! (I'm sure you were very worried about that...)  Anyway, here she is laying in her favorite spot in the house: on top of our radiator.  There is nothing Ellie loves more than to be warm!  It cracks me up, because it looks so uncomfortable to me!  But she loves it.

Luke and I had a little date night last Friday where we went shopping and to dinner at Chipotle.  It sounded so good to me, but bleh, I felt disgusting afterwards.  These days I think I eat less at mealtimes, but feel more full afterwards.  After a big meal like this (I did not eat the whole thing, for the record), I actually have trouble taking a deep breath because I feel like my lungs can't expand the whole way!  Ummm, what is it going to be like when my baby is the size of a WATERMELON instead of an orange like it is now?!  I'm slightly terrified...

On Saturday we went to a 2nd birthday party for my cousin's son.  It was a sports themed party, and everything was adorable!  So fun.  I had to fight the urge the start planning our little peanut's first birthday party for July 2014!  Pinterest has turned me into a monster.

There's Ellie again!  For various reasons, we had to install a little kitty door so the cats can get to the basement.  Unfortunately, they're terrified of the door, and it's taken a week of bribery operant conditioning just to get them to be able to push it open on their own.  Oy.

...And, one more picture of Ellie!  I was working on my One Thousand Gifts study book. I got out of my chair for a minute, and Ellie jumped right up.  I joked that she was trying to peek and see if she was on my list of gifts.  Spoiler alert: she and Gabby both were...

That pretty much sums up the 4th week of 2012.  My life is so exciting. Is my sarcasm font working?  These days might not be the most exciting in the world, but I'm trying to enjoy them.  It is such a bittersweet time in our lives: the last few months just the two of us!  Definitely more sweet than bitter, but I can't help but feel a little nostalgic after spending 8.5 years together, just the two of us!

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  1. Oh, cool! I will check out Viggle today. Nothing better than free gift cards. ;-)


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