Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's not supposed to be easy.

We had another snow day today, and I am so thankful!  I had a long weekend with my girl anyway, but was a little bummed to go back to my extern placement today.  I love my placement, but I love spending time with Scarlett more!

Yesterday afternoon, I started seeing weather alerts pop up.  And then last evening, the snow started falling and drifting.  As I packed my lunch and Scarlett's bag, I just knew I wouldn't need them.  Then I woke up at 5:30 this morning and checked my school extern site's website.  Sure enough, we were closed!  I turned off my phone and went right back to sleep for another 2 hours. 

When I finally got out of bed, I quickly ate breakfast and impatiently waited for Scarlett to wake up.  Last night I had decided that we were going to go out and play in the snow if we got another snow day.  I guess we didn't exactly "play."  It was more that Scarlett sat awkwardly in the snow while I took pictures of her striking blue eyes and snow-white complexion.

What I wouldn't give to spend every day with her like this.  But since that is not an option right now, today is extra special!

After awhile, we come inside and spend the day doing every day things.  Reading books, playing, petting the cats, cleaning (me), napping (her).  Today my blessings seem so obvious and big. 

God has blessed me so much.  Some days I forget to look at the blessings.  Those are the days when it feels like the world is on my shoulders, and I just wonder when it's going to start getting easier.  When is life going to feel fair?  When am I going to stop feeling like a rubber band, stretched so far and thin I'm about to break?
 But then I remember that this life is not supposed to be easy or fair.  I wish for what some other people have and get jealous sometimes.  But life is not easy or fair for those people either.  I can either be mad about it, or I can surrender my will to God and choose to look at the good stuff and let the bad stuff fade into the background.
 Life will never be fair, but we always have things to be thankful for.  There are moments in every day that will take our breath away if we just let them.


  1. what a beautiful little one to behold daily! precious!

  2. loved this post! i'm glad you got to spend an extra with scarlett and I'm sorry you are stretched so thin and don't get to spend the time you want at home. I can't imagine how hard that is. I find myself comparing myself or addilyn to other babies, especially in the area of sleep. I get super jealous of babies (well moms with babies) that sleep. And then I realize that they have their issues too, they just aren't the same as ours. THanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh I love this. Life isn't supposed to be easy or fair. That is SO true and something I have to remind myself of often.


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