Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 14

This Easter was a pretty great one.  It was Scarlett's first, and we had so much fun celebrating with her and our families!

The entire Easter weekend was wonderful.  Luke had off work Friday and the weather was beautiful!  We went shopping all morning, took a walk in the afternoon, and relaxed in the evening.  It was nice to have so much time together as a family.

Saturday we colored eggs with Luke's family, and then I dressed Scarlett up in her Easter outfit to do a little photo shoot since I didn't think we'd have time on Sunday.  Here are a couple of my favorites (P.S. I got her dress at Crazy 8, and I love it!) :

 Easter morning we went to  church and then gave Scarlett her first little Easter basket.  She was definitely most excited about the puffs.

The bunny on the right was from Luke's parents.  It dances just like Scarlett does, and it's pretty hilarious to watch them both dance together. 

Before we left to spend the day with our families, Scarlett took a long nap.  And I couldn't resist taking a picture.  She looked so sweet!  Nothing's sweeter than a sleeping baby.

After naptime we headed to Luke's grandparents' house.  Here is our family picture:

Here is a picture of Scarlett with her Great Aunt Judy:
With Nana

And standing with Daddy's help

Our last stop of the day was my parents' house.  I was so tired at this point that I didn't take many pictures.  Which really bums me out.  I will have to do better next time!  But here's a cute one of my dad playing with Scarlett and some of the new toys she got for Easter.

Honestly, holidays are stressful when you have multiple places to go with a baby. Since Luke is in the worship band at church, I had to get everything ready by myself (Luke had to play in all 3 services and was gone for about 5 hours this morning).  I worry about naps and mealtimes for Scarlett when we are away for the entire day. We have a million things we have to lug everywhere with us.  And I get a little stressed and grumpy.  Halfway through the day today I had to remind myself the reason we celebrate Easter.  Jesus died for my sins and rose again!  My petty little problems seem tiny in comparison.  It is very humbling to remember the price that was paid for my salvation. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and remembered the reason for the holiday!

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