Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I can't believe I'm finding time to blog when I have a test tomorrow and my BIG INTERVIEW on Friday. But I've been going, going, going, nonstop for a long time, and I decided to let myself have a little break today to blog.

During our long weekend, Luke and I, with a ton of help from his parents, made a lot of progress on our home renovations! I wanted to document that progress today:

The wood floors are completely free of that nasty glue, and they are sanded and ready to be varnished

We installed lights in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. All the lights throughout the entire apartment were fluorescent, so this was a nice change, and made the whole place much more peaceful.

living room



We painted the kitchen a pale blue color, with the trim and cabinets white. This picture is a really bad representation of the blue color, as it is quite a bit brighter than the picture shows. but you get the idea.

And as I type, Luke is downstairs measuring and cutting beadboard for our backsplash. Here is the first piece...I can't decide if I want to keep it white, or paint it blue. Thoughts?

We are starting to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now we just have to put the bathroom back together, paint the rest of the rooms, and varnish the floors. Okay, so I guess it's a lot. But I'd say we're at least halfway done now!

Can't wait to update more soon! Happy Wednesday!


  1. looks like y'all are making so much progress!! I think I like the backsplash white.. but blue would look good too

  2. Wow! It looks great and I am so shocked at how fast you are getting things done!

  3. I'm so impressed with your progress! We are starting on our kitchen and so far we have switched out the canned lights over our island with pendant lighting and bought new appliances. We aren't going to paint the walls, but we are going to paint the cabinets and we can't decide on a color. So we're basically on hold til we can make decisions - which makes me super impressed with how quickly you all are moving! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. How exciting to refinish hardwood floors!! I hope to have some in our house someday. :)


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