Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Luke and I both decided that we're pretending Valentines Day is this weekend, so let's act like the 14th hasn't already come and gone, mmkay? We are taking a break from school/work/renovations this weekend to celebrate by going out on a date.

However, this week has included a few romantic Valentiney things, so I thought I'd share.

#1 - Homemade ice cream! Okay, so I lied and this has nothing to do with Valentines Day. But we finally used Luke's ice cream maker he got for Christmas to make vanilla-Oreo ice cream for Bible study on Sunday night. It was SO GOOD.

#2. Mom, Julie, and I went on a little Galentines date (Parks and Rec reference...). I got a text while working on Monday asking if I'd like to go with my mom and sister to see The Vow. Umm, duh. It was an adorable movie, and not nearly as sad as I was expecting. Loved it! We had dinner at Panera afterwards, and then I gave them a tour of our renovations progress.

#3. We are super spoiled. Both of our moms gave us little Valentines Day treats this year! Once a mom, always a mom :-)

#4. Luke and I also gave each other Valentines Day gifts. I made him his favorite treat: pretzel-Rolo sandwiches. And he got me flowers and dark chocolate. Two of my favorite things!

#5. We ate brinner tonight. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? In my husband's case, the way to his heart is through BACON. So I made brinner (breakfast-for-dinner) - French toast, scrambled eggs, and heart-shaped bacon! Thanks to Pinterest for the idea.

That's the extent of our Valentines Day festivities! Not including our big, romantic dinner-and-a-movie date coming up this weekend, of course. I hope everyone else had a great Valentines Day too, and that your schedules were less busy than mine!


  1. My husband would absolutely love the bacon hearts--I so need to try that! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!

  2. I love "galentine's day" so clever!


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