Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Months Old!

Dear Scarlett,

You are 4 months old today!  You just keep growing and growing.  Everyone has been commenting lately on how big you've gotten.

Here's a picture of the day we brought you home, next to a picture of you at 4 months old.  What a difference in a third of a year.

You are in mostly 0-3 month clothes, and size 1 diapers.  You have your 4 month well check on Thursday, but we would guess you weight about 11 pounds.

You have become a bit more independent this month.  You are supporting your head completely on your own now.  When we're holding you, you like to be facing out.  You're very curious, and you like to see what's going on!

Toward the beginning of your fourth month, you seemed to be going through a fussy phase.  Mommy and Daddy were running out of ideas on how to keep you happy and entertained, when you just snapped out of it a week or so ago.  You're back to being the happiest baby we could imagine, so thank you!!

You love to listen to mommy read books.  You are also really into your activity mat lately.  You love to kick or grab the hanging animals.  You are very interested in things that are bright colors or make silly noises.

You are learning new things each day.  You roll from your belly to your back sometimes, and you're very close to rolling from your back to your belly.  You can roll to your side but not quite the whole way over. I'm sure you will any day now!  You're also grabbing at things now.  Anything and everything, from your blanket, to daddy's beard, to mommy's face!  I think you are just amazed that you've learned how to use your hands.  Pretty much anything you can get your hands on goes straight to your mouth, too.  You also constantly blow raspberries and it's about the most adorable thing in the world.

Your little personality is showing through more and more.  You are so silly!  You are constantly making us laugh.  Lately, you've been laughing a lot too.  And I'm not talking about a few giggles here and there.  You've been full out belly laughing to the point where you almost can't contain yourself.  Just yesterday, I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack.  I was singing the song "Popular" and getting right in your face, and you thought it was the funniest thing ever!  Then later last night, you lost it when I was simply nodding my head "yes."  You thought it was hysterical!  Daddy tried to get it on video, but of course you stopped as soon as you saw the phone come out.  Typical.

You did a lot of fun things this month too.  You went on lots of shopping trips, another trip to White House Fruit Farms, you visited some of your friends, went to some baby showers, watched football with Daddy, went to your first trunk-or-treat night on Halloween dressed as Princess Leia, visited Great Grandma W and Great Grandpa S a few times, met your cousin Connor who was born 3 weeks after you, celebrated Mommy's birthday with a big day out on the even spent your first weekend away from home when we went to help Aunt Julie and Uncle Andy move into their now house.  What a busy month!  You better get used to it, girl, because the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are coming!  And we are sure to be on the go a lot

Here's what you looked like this month: 

Still getting cuter and cuter!

We love you so much!
Mommy and Daddy

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