Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scarlett's first Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Halloween was extra fun this year, because we got to dress our little princess up like a little princess!

...Princess Leia, that is!  The Princess Leia costume was pretty easy:  Luke's sister got her the hat before she was born, his mom found her the white sleep sack, his other sister made the adorable bag you will see in other pictures, and my only real contribution was the little twine belt, which looks nothing like Princess Leia's actual belt, but is still cute.  Ha!

We spent the night at our church's trunk or treat night where Luke's family made donuts, which has turned into a tradition.

Here Scarlett is with Grandma and Grandpa, in front of a crowd of hundreds of people.  We had a huge turnout this year!

Whenever Scarlett is overwhelmed in a loud, busy situation, she blocks it out by falling asleep.  I think that's what's happening here with her Nana.

...And Aunt Moey

But she eventually woke up for a few more photos...

Here she is with Aunt Di

...And Mommy and Daddy.

And just for fun, here we are at Trunk or Treat night a year ago.  It was freezing, Hurricane Sandy was about to hit, it's the last time I was skinny, and also pregnant but didn't know it yet.  What a difference a year makes!

I know it was kind of silly to dress up our 3.5-month old.  But oh my goodness, I'm so glad we did!  It was so fun!  She'll look back at these pictures someday and love it, I think.  Especially if she's a Star Wars fan like her Daddy!

Is it too early to start Pinteresting next year's costume ideas?!  Because that's about to happen.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I think she's adorable. As for silly to dress up your 3.5 moth old? NEVER! Kids in costume are super adorable and so long as you two alone (as in no children of trick or treat age) aren't going around begging for candy I think it's awesome and sweet! A friend of mine dressed up her 9 month old to go with a group of older cousins to the mall for a trunk or treat over the weekend. The kids got a kick out of pretending to be the baby's voice and saying trick or treat!! And when he was awake - he seemed to enjoy it.

  2. Her costume is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! She was so cute!


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