Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Additions

I received some really awesome things for Christmas, and have "inherited" some new furniture lately.  I would say my home decor style is rustic, farmhouse style, and all of these things have added special little touches that are perfect!  Some days it feels like we are quickly outgrowing this little space, but I do love it, and want to cherish it.  I will certainly miss this place when we move out someday.  Even though I kind of hope "someday" is soon!

First of all, my sister-in-law Diana made me a really cool lamp for Christmas.  I am slightly obsessed with old books, so this is the perfect lamp for me!  I love it!  I was too lazy to use the good camera and get a better picture since it's right in front of the bright window, but here it is:

 Next is a new kitchen table.  This is the table where my family ate growing up.  My Parents renovated their dining area, and it no longer fit with the style of the room.  So my parents passed this table on to me.  I love it!  They even sanded and re-varnished the top.  I had to fold down one side, because we have a tiny little spot for it in the kitchen and it wouldn't fit the other way.  But it's so cozy and nice.  It's perfect timing now that Scarlett is eating real food.  I'm excited to have a table big enough to sit together as a family for dinner.

Our last new addition is this toy chest.  Another creation of Luke's.  He even put the pretty monogram on it that matches the monogram on our bed.  It is perfect, and after Christmas, Scarlett really needed something for all of her toys!  It's in our living room, and it's big enough to fit a few blankets inside, too. 

I love all the pretty pieces that Luke has build over the years.  It's funny to think back to the time we were newlyweds and every piece of furniture we owned was second-hand.  And now Luke has basically built us our own line of furniture!  Maybe I can convince him his next project should be a copy-cat version of this PBK bookshelf/dollhouse for Scarlett's room!

Alternate View*Swoon!*

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  1. I love the kitchen table! It looks great! and I drool over the dollhouse bookcase but I can never figure out if it would be used as a giant dollhouse or as a bookcase, haha.


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