Tuesday, January 14, 2014


One of my and my mother-in-law's birthday presents from Luke's family was to go see Wicked when it was on tour in Cleveland a few days after Christmas.  I had seen it before, but it had been about 6 years, and I really didn't remember it, so I was over-the-moon excited to go again!

Luke's sisters had given us the CD of the soundtrack for our birthdays too, and I listened to almost nothing but that for a month.  I was singing the songs in my sleep by the end of the month.  Ha!  I barely even listened to Christmas music this year because I was too busy listening to the Wicked soundtrack.

Luckily the day we went it was beautiful and in the 40s or 50s, so we were walking around Cleveland in late December without even wearing our coats!  It felt very strange to me.

The show was, of course, amazing!  I decided it's my favorite show, which is saying a lot, because I have a mild (okay, not so mild) obsession with Phantom of the Opera.  I've seen Lion King on stage too, and I still think Wicked is better.  It has something for everyone: beautiful costumes and set design, a love story, beautiful music, comedy, friendship, it explores the nature of good versus evil, and it's all based around a classic story that so many people love.  I've seen it twice now, but wouldn't mind seeing it a dozen more times in my lifetime!

After the show, we all went to eat at a little restaurant beside the theater, and headed home for the evening.  It was such a fun day, and the perfect birthday present!  

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