Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8 Months Old!

Dear Scarlett,

You are 8 months old today!  2/3 of a year old!

I say this every month, but you are at such a fun age!  You are learning so many new things each day.  You are getting to the point where you notice that you get attention when you do certain things, so you do them over and over to make everyone laugh.  I guess you're a little ham!

For example, you have recently learned how to "dance."  Whenever you hear music, you bob your head and rock back and forth.  It's to the point now where we just say, "Scarlett, dance!"  and you do it.  You've done it a million times, but it makes everyone laugh every time!

You seem to understand what a few other words mean, too.  You know who to look at when we say "Mommy,"  "Daddy," or "Ellie."  And you look at us when we say your name, too.  When we say "Hi,"  you wave your hand.  And you try to clap your hands when we tell you to clap.

You babble constantly, too.  Lately you've been saying, "mamamama," "dadadada," "nanananana" (which kind of sounds like "no" and you mostly do it when you're whining), "babababa" and a few other sounds.  You like to kind of whisper your "s" and "sh" sounds too, which always cracks us up.  We're not sure what you're trying to say, but it seems like you're telling us a secret!

You've also recently started to give "kisses."  basically, you just open your mouth wide and press it into our faces.  You do it rarely and only when you're in the right mood, but it basically makes our day when you do it!

 You aren't super interested in crawling, but you recently learned to get up on your knees when you're on your stomach and crawl backwards.  You also roll over more often now, with a little support and encouragement.

You are such a curious baby!  You want to know what's going on all the time.  If we are in a new place or a busy situation, you refuse to nap.  And when I am trying to feed you at home, Daddy and the cats have to be completely still, because if anyone moves, you lose all interest in the bottle and want to know what's going on!  I joke and say you're just nosy.

Speaking of eating, you seem much more interested in solids than your bottle lately.  You have yet to try a food that you don't like, but squash and sweet potatoes are definitely your favorites! I guess you take after Mommy, because Daddy hates those foods!  You are such a good little eater, even though you still weigh a little under 14 lbs!

This month your favorite toys are your sock monkey, your little Alice in Wonderland toys, your plastic farm animals, and your little ball that makes a rattling noise.  Anything we let you get your hands on that is not a toy, is also your favorite toy (e.g. cups, spoons, lids, an old remote control with the batteries removed, etc).  You love to look at books, listen to music, play peek-a-boo, and dance.

This month was one of the snowiest I can remember!  Mommy had lots of snow days, which were all spent with you!  I loved every minute.  We also did some fun things like visit Aunt Julie for a day trip in Columbus, celebrate Great Grandma's 90th birthday, play in the snow, and had a girl's weekend with Mommy while Daddy was in Houston.  This month, Daddy also had surgery on his knee.  The same week, Mommy was sick, and you got sick for the first time!  It was no fun, but we all got through it.  

These months keep flying by!  As always, we wish we could somehow make time slow down!

Here's what you looked like this month:

We love you so much!
Mommy and Daddy

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