Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day Perfection

One of the big, positive things about working as a school SLP is the possibility of snow days.  We've used 4 already this year, and one of them was today!  Nothing beats the thrill of getting that call and knowing I've been granted 9 extra hours with Scarlett. 

We started the day by watching Frozen.  I don't often let Scarlett just sit and watch a movie, but she woke up extra early and has been begging to watch it for days.  So I thought a lazy morning was in order. 

Later, after lunch, we went outside to play in the snow!  It was her first time really playing in the snow, and she had a blast!

(She insisted on wearing the sunglasses.  Or "eyes" as she calls them.)

 She was so disappointed when we had to go inside she cried big, crocodile tears.  It just about broke my heart!  But she doesn't have the proper snow equipment/clothing to stay out for more than 20 minutes or so, so I had to deal with the heart-wrenching sobs.  She just kept saying, "snow?! snow?! more snow!"  over and over again. 

She eventually got over it, because I made her some hot cocoa, which she immediately fell in love with (obviously).  Then my mom came to visit, so her day was made.

The Lord is teaching me on these special days that it is not always about quantity of time, but quality of time when it comes to Scarlett.  I still struggle with nagging guilt and sadness about leaving her daily to go to my job.  But then God reminds me that if I was with her all day every day, I might not see how special a day like today is.  I might not seize every moment the way I do now.  I'm going to make the most of the time I have with her.  Finding the peace in this situation is a daily battle, but one that I'm getting better at fighting.

And when times are really tough, I just remind myself of another perk or working at a school.  Or should I say 3 perks:  June, July and August!  I'm pretty much going to be in heaven when that time rolls around!


And just for fun, a comparison of the first time she ever experienced the snow, vs. a year later the first time she actually played in the snow.  Because we all know how much I love comparison pics.


  1. How fun! I hope we get at least one snow before winter is over (so far we've just had snowflakes and ice, ha).

  2. Look how cute she is! I can't believe how big she is getting. Snow days are so fun! :-)


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