Monday, March 21, 2011

Window Shopping

Yesterday I did a little "window shopping," virtual style. It's spring, and I not only want some new additions to my wardrobe, but I desperately NEED some!

Yesterday I was specifically looking for cute dresses (I'll need one for Easter Sunday and I want to buy a new one for my sister's bridal shower in May), bathing suits, and shoes.

Here are some of the dresses I love. Hopefully I'll end up buying one of these:

From JC Penney:

I'd probably wear the one above with a brown shrug or cardigan to match the color of the belt
Found Here

I've been into purple lately
Found Here

And I always love anything with ruffles
Found here

This one is the front-runner. Again, I would wear something over it because it will NOT be warm enough for spaghetti straps by the end of April. Probably.
Found Here

From Target:
I thought this one was just simple and sweet, and I love the color
Found Here

From Kohl's:
I've also been into floral prints lately.
Found Here

I have a lot to choose from. Which dress do you like best? Maybe you can help me narrow it down ;-)

Now for swimsuits. I'm to the point where I don't think I can pull off a two piece anymore, unless it's a tankini. Luckily, I found some REALLY cute tankinis and one-pieces when I was looking!

From Victoria's Secret:

Again with the purple. This is the front-runner for bathing suits
Found Here

Ignore the seductive look on her face. haha! This is the cutest one-piece I've ever seen. It also comes in pink, but surprisingly, I like the blue better.
Found Here

This one is crocheted, and I LOVE the halter. Very unique and cute!
Found Here

From JC Penney

In addition to purple, I've also been into yellow. I love the stripes and retro feel of this one!
Found Here

Okay, now onto shoes. I'm more into ballet flats than I am into sandals or flip flops. I don't like my feet :-P

From Payless (I know they're poor quality, but they're pretty much the only place where I can get my size! Which is size 5)
Found Here

Again, loving the yellow! And the flowers. I love flowers almost as much as I love ruffles
Found Here

Now that I'm looking at all these cute, spring clothes, it puts me in the mood to buy some nail polish for some reason. I haven't painted my nails (fingers, not toes. My toes are always painted) in probably over a year. And lately I've just gotten the itch to start again. I want to feel girly since it's springtime!

Here are some colors I love, from Essie
Playa Del Platinum


Strawberry Shortcake

From OPI:

Wow, that was a lot. What can I say? Spring just puts me in the mood to shop, I guess!

Happy second day of spring!!


  1. I LOVE the turquoise dress- I think it would be a great color on you!

    The purple tankini is beautiful too! I like the deep purple and the tankini design is different enough to make it not seem like a Momkini :)

    I'd stay clear from any bathing suit that is "crocheted." seems like it would be a skin irritant.

  2. I saw that first dress at Penneys (the white one) when I was dress shopping there Saturday. It is VERY cute. I wanted to try it on, but I'm a HUGE klutz and I figured for me, white was just an invitation to add marinara sauce or something so I didn't get it. But I loved it.

    Love those suits too. Those are cute!

  3. I didn't even think to look at Victoria's Secret for bathing suits, very cute! Can't wait to see what you pick out!

  4. I like the white dress and the third one with the ruffles. Both are really cute and seems like you could make them pretty versatile with accessories, cardis, etc.

    And I have become a huge fan of ballet flats! Maybe I'll have to go check out those ones at Payless... :)

    Have fun shopping!!

  5. I love the white dress and the floral dress the best! And I love that second swimsuit!

  6. I really like the teal one piece from Victoria's Secret. Target has some cute one pieces too!

  7. I love your picks! Very nice. I'm with you, I love anything with ruffles - and I love the colors of the nail polishes! I'm really loving that taupy-grey-purple color lately.

  8. I am so wanting to but some spring dresses!! :-)

  9. I really love that purple dress!!! The shoes are adorable, too. I bought a takini last year, and really liked it. Still super cute, but not too...bland. ;-)

  10. Love love love the shoes and Essie nail polishes!! You have really tiny feet!

  11. I like window shopping too, and I love the shoes!


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