Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Snow Day?!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Today is our eighth snow day of the school year. We're going to be making up these days until halfway through June! But I have to admit, an unexpected day off is always nice.

Get ready for the most random post ever, with random pictures weaved in and out!

~ Last night I spent part of my evening creating Shamrock (chocolate-mint) Cupcakes. I thought they were perfect for March. You can read more about them at In My Twenties, where I'm blogging today!

~ Let's continue to pray for Japan after the earthquakes, and Hawaii as a tsunami is heading their way. My friend/cousin Laura is living in Kauai, which is expected to get hit first and hardest. Luckily it sounds like she is in a safe place! (Check out her blog! She is a writer and her blog is all about her time in Hawaii. So interesting!)

~ Luke and I are starting something new this week, and I am both excited and nervous about it. We are starting a Connect Group Bible Study at our house on Monday nights for young married couples without children. We will be doing a church-wide 50-day study on "The AmazinGrace." It's a study through the gospels and the teachings and life of Jesus, all leading up to Easter Sunday. I think the study itself will be great, and also the fellowship. I know Luke and I have been having a bit of a struggle finding a place to feel like we really "fit in" in church (I wrote about this struggle a little in a post back in September: "That Seventh-Grade Insecure Feeling"). There were connect groups in our church specifically for singles and young families (with kids) but not for couples like us. And I know I've spoken to a few other people at church who have felt the same way we have. So this should be a great study, and I hope our group can form a bond since we are in similar situations in life! I have felt such a peace and excitement about it from the moment it was suggested to us in January, so I'm really excited to see what God has in store!

~Luke and I have been seriously slacking on our date nights. We haven't had one since Valentines Day! I'm hoping to plan one for this weekend sometime. Sometimes you just need to reconnect when the busyness of life gets in the way, know what I mean?

~Since I can get all classic books for free on the iBooks App, I have decided to read through the entire Anne of Green Gables series. I've read the first book twice already, but I've never read the others! I'm halfway through of the first book (again), and it's so good! It brings me back to when I was little and used to spend my snow days watching the movies. The only bad thing is that reading the books makes me long for a daughter to read them to. Hopefully someday!

~ My friend Kristin is coming over for a girl's night tonight. We are going to catch up and watch some Hulu Plus and eat chocolate. It should be fabulous :-)

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Snow day? Seriously?
    It's sunny and 40 in MI today. Crazy. Gotta love random days off though! :)

  2. I'm so tired of the snow! Good luck to you and the Bible study, I pray that God blesses you and all the other couples! Sounds like it's going to be fun.

  3. Derek and I started a young married group a year ago for the same reason - it's amazing how no one thinks to provide groups for young married people! We really have slot of fun with our group - I bet you guys will too!
    I think you guys stole all our snow this year- I could count on one hand the storms we've had so far, which is unusual.


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