Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Progress

Luke and I made a lot of progress today on our house! The other day I wrote about how we have decided to basically move all the rooms in our house around and do some renovations. Here is how we spent our day:

I woke up this morning basically feeling like I was going to die. I seriously feel like I got a taste of what contractions must feel like. So I was lying in bed in pain while Luke started moving things around. When I finally started feeling better around 11, I crawled out of bed and saw THIS:
Yikes! Talk about stressful! Luke had shoved 2 rooms worth of stuff in the living room while we worked.

Our lovely cats had the best day ever climbing all over everything while Luke and I worked like crazy
(Side note: I have completely fallen in love with Ellie. She is so sweet and affectionate! Not to mention adorable! She is completely filling the void of a puppy!)
After about 9 hours worth of work (and we're NOT done. I just took a break to share our progress) Here is what we came up with.

First of all, here was our bedroom BEFORE.
Here we are is now our office/Ohio State room!
As you can see, Luke is still working :-)
We moved all the Ohio State stuff from upstairs to this room, and now the room upstairs will be turned into a formal(ish) living room.

Here's my favorite part of the room: the bat that was broken and signed by The Power Team, with Luke's Youth Explosion backstage pass hanging from it. Two of our favorite memories from this fall, and probably even from the whole year.

And next we have the room that used to be the office. Here is the BEFORE:
And here is the is now the bedroom! (And thank heavens we got rid of that dirty, ugly love seat. We had fun dropping off of the landing outside where it fell all the way from the second floor to the ground).
It's hard to tell because of the flash, but the lighting is really dim and soothing. We never got a very good flow going with the furniture in the old bedroom, but I think everything really works in the new room!
We're still working. I'll keep updating on all of our progress! Tomorrow we're going out to lunch and then looking at paint colors, lights, and lots of other things for the new living room. And we're also going to hang the mini chandelier in the hallway that I bought last Tuesday. Later this week we're going to try to get some estimates on carpet for the new living room. It's so much fun! I love doing projects like this. Life is just too boring when we're not busy with something like this ;-)

Well I am off. I'm leaving in a half hour to see the movie that I've been waiting to see for almost exactly 365 days: New Moon!!!! I will be sure to let you know what I think :-) I'm pretty excited, because I've heard it's much better than Twilight. And I even enjoyed that!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The house is looking great! That's exciting - it's fun to make changes like that sometimes!

  2. Your cats sure look like they had a time time while you were moving everything around! How cute! :-)Change is always great!

  3. Great work! I think it takes a lot of courage to start moving everything around and rearranging things. But it looks great!


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