Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retail Therapy

My mom and I went out shopping tonight (and to Steak and Shake! Yum!) I had some birthday money I wanted to spend, and originally went to find a light for my hallway. However, one trip to TJ Maxx, and my priorities completely changed. We spent FOREVER in there, and I'm surprised there was anything left in the store when we were done!

I have been wanting a new comforter for a long time. Ours has just lost that new puffy, comfy feeling. I wanted another one to swap back and forth with the other one whenever I get sick of one :-) It looked really cute in the bag, and I bought a big pillow to match. But I'm just not sure if I like it now that it's on the bed!

Here was the bed before, a little frumpy (although I do LOVE the comforter and pillows!):
And here we are after. My pillows are too small for the shams, and I think they need something to make them pop. Mom said maybe we could add some trim or something around the outside.
If we can do something to fix up the shams, I think I'll really like it! Now I can switch my comforters back and forth whenever I get sick of one ;-)

We went to Home Depot, Lowes, TJ Maxx, and Pier One tonight. All four of those stores were 100% ready for Christmas. And I could not resist...I had to make a couple Christmas purchases (I had more, but decided to use self-control and put them back at the last second!)

I bought Christmas cards for my co-workers (is it bad that they don't get the special ones that I designed myself like my family and friends will get? I'm not made of money, and couldn't afford to print off or order too many :-P) I thought these were really cute, and they were only $4.
And I've been wanting some Christmasy towels and I love these!

While we were at TJ Maxx, I found probably the cutest Christmas tree skirt that has ever been made :-) My mom assured me that we could EASILY and CHEAPLY recreate it ourselves. Project time!! I can't wait to get started :-)

How many of you have started planning for Christmas? I haven't really started celebrating too much, but I have a big chunk of a notebook filled with lists, plans, and ideas. I just can't wait!


  1. I have so, so much to do! I can't believe its almost here!

    And seriously, TJ Maxx? I could live in that store.

  2. Your bed looks so cute! Great choice...and the christmas stuff is out..I am so looking forward to buying some holiday stuff!

  3. I really like the new comforter! I think if you got pillows that were the right size and maybe added some more pillows it would look amazing :)

  4. I ADORE CHRISTMAS!!! I've been shopping on Amazon for months now so I don't drop a boat-load of money in December... the gift stash in our spare room is growing by leaps & bounds!:)

    Sounds like you two had fun shopping. Yay!!

  5. I just got my Christmas cards ordered last week too - I still need to go pick them up though! You're getting me in the mood to go shopping!


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