Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bathroom Reveal!

Today is day 2 of Reveal Week, and I'm revealing the room that needed by far the most work, and it was also the smallest room in the house.  Go figure.

The bathroom was quite a challenge.  Let me just paint a picture for you of what we were dealing with: dated/nasty looking sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, and tub, an electrical nightmare with one switch that controlled everything, and no outlets (not okay!) and a window that had drywall behind it, and was covered in some kind of wallpaper.  Again, the back apartment was an addition to the house, so that's the reason for the now covered window.

Anyway, here are the pictures:



We were able to continue to use our chocolate brown shower curtain which I love...and we got a curved curtain rod, which I also love :-)

Remember that old window? you can see it in the first picture.  Well we removed the actual window, but kept the frame, and made the area storage.  I love it, and it holds so much!  We got a single curtain panel from Home depot, and my mom hemmed it and cut it down the middle to create two curtains, and then we used the extra scrap from the bottom to make a little valance for the kitchen window (which I'll show at some point)!  We are thrifty :-) 
Here's a little peak inside:

...and that about covers the bathroom!  I was terrified that I was going to hate this bathroom because it's so tiny, and it was terrifying to me to begin with!  But now that it's done, I love it!  It's peaceful and nice and the fact that it's smaller means there's not as much to clean :-)  

Here's what we did:
1. Rewired pretty much everything and added two outlets.

2. Replaced the ceiling light, and added a light above the medicine cabinet, making it extremely bright!

3. Replaced the medicine cabinet

4. Replaced the vanity/sink/fixtures

5. Replaced the toilet

6. Deep cleaned the bathtub multiple times.  Goof Off is a miracle worker for rust stains!

7. Luke repieced the floor together since some of the pieces were ripped and falling apart

8. We removed the non-functional window and added a bunch of storage there

9.  Painted everything

10. Re-caulked the bathtub

11. installed a new curtain rod and new faucet in the bathtub

And I think that's it.  As you can see, we replaced everything except for the bathtub.  And like I said, I'm loving the new look!

Future Projects:
1.Add  some storage on the wall above the toilet.  Maybe pretty baskets hanging on the wall

2. We would love to replace the bathtub, but I'm not sure if that will ever be in the budget. 

Now I'm off to make the upstairs apartment look presentable, because we just listed our apartment for rent yesterday, and within an hour of posting, already had several calls!!  Praise God, and let's hope we can rent it out to someone who loves it, and who is also reliable!  

Living Room Reveal tomorrow!


  1. Ahh! I am loving reveal week! The bathroom looks amazing and perfect! I can't believe how much storage you were able to get out of that window unit- so useful!

  2. I love love LOVE what y'all have done with the renovations! It looks so good! I'm not sure what you need in terms of storage above the toilet, but we were recently faced with the same problem. Our guest bath has only one tiny towel bar and our whole house doesn't have a linen closet. I ended up buying a "train rack" from Pottery Barn on clearance to double as towel storage and another towel bar.

    Can't wait to see what else you've done!


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