Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm putting off my living room reveal today because I have news to report instead.  I'm in a bit of a melancholy mood this morning, because I heard back from Akron last night about their SLP graduate #1 choice of schools and the one I interviewed for a few weeks ago.

The verdict?  I don't know yet, because I'm on the waiting list.

I'm sorry to any family and friends who are just reading it here, but I really don't want to have to tell a million people face-to-face that I'm not in (yet).

Part of me wants to be positive!  It certainly doesn't mean that I'm not accepted!  I might get in on the second round.

But the fact that I wasn't one of their first picks stings my pride a little.

And honestly?  I don't know what more I could have done!  I got straight As last semester, had a 3.7 GPA from my undergrad degree, got a decent score on the GRE, have lots of experience and a great resume, and I really thought the interview went great.

It is ridiculous how difficult it is to get into this program.  I feel like I'm trying to get into law school or medical school.  Only about 15% of applicants actually get into the program.

This morning I'm feeling slightly ridiculous for even trying this because it was such a risk.  I know in my head that God has a plan and this is just a little blip in it.  But I can't feel that this morning.  Know what I mean?

I know I'm being overly panicky, and I'm really, really not fishing for sympathetic comments or anything like that.  I'm just not going to be fake about it this morning, and I'm telling it like it is.

So anyway, where do I go from here?  Well, basically I'm in purgatory.  I have to wait until April 15th, after all the "accepted applicants" have decided whether they are going to Akron or not, to find out if there's a spot for me.

Also, I applied to Kent State, and I haven't heard back from them.  I just thought I had a better chance at Akron since I know a lot of the professors.  But who knows.

Once again, I am back in the waiting game.  Sometimes I just want to argue with God, and let Him know that I've had enough practice with the whole patience thing in the past two years!

Anyway, I promise a more positive post next time.


  1. Oh girl, I totally understand what you are going through. Being on a waiting list is not fun but at least, you were not rejected! You still can be in!!!

  2. Jess!! I'm waitlisted for two of my schools as well, and I've been rejected from three. Hang in there! They probably have a pretty short waitlist, and some of the acceptees might choose other schools, so you really do stand a shot at getting in! I don't know if the processes for our programs are similar or not, but I know that for creative writing MFAs it's more difficult to get accepted at your alma mater because it's "like committing academic incest." (Or so I've heard.) I guess the programs prefer diversity? So congrats on being waitlisted! I know it's still tough though. :( And I know what you mean about feeling like you're trying to get into law school or med school. The acceptance rates for my schools are lower than Harvard Medical! Yikes! I had pretty much resigned myself to not getting in anywhere this year, but I'm still holding out hope for my waitlists, which were actually my top two choices to begin with! I'm going to email/call both schools at least once a week to reiterate how much I love the program yada yada. You might want to do the same with Akron. :) Good luck!!! Any idea when the acceptees have to make their choice by? Probably April 15th? Or how far down you are on the waitlist?

  3. Sad news for sure, Jess. BUT. It is not terrible news - just disappointing! I am sure you are so sick of waiting and being patient - but I would just like to meanly point out that perhaps your patience is not as it seems if you are reacting this way. I know you are DONE with it, I know you've had ENOUGH of it, but that doesn't change the fact that God is STILL asking you to be patient. Whatever His plan is, apparently it has to do with a ton of waiting for you. I'm so sorry about that :( However, it will make your acceptance that much better - when it seemed rocky, and it might not go through - BAM! God shows up and says "haha just kidding!" :)

  4. Sarah - I shouldn't have written that last comment about being done practicing patience. I didn't mean "hey, I'm perfect now, and God doesn't need to make me practice patience anymore!" I just sarcastically meant that "hey, I'm human and I'm sick of waiting." Obviously I need a lot more work on my patience. I believe that we'll never be done practicing it.

  5. Being on the wait list sucks! But you'll get in I just know it!

  6. Waiting is no fun, especially when you have gone out on a limb and taken a step of faith in the direction you believe God is leading. But remember, He faithful and He is FOR you, and no matter what the outcome is, He will use it to grow you closer to Him, which is the most important thing. Praying for you!


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