Friday, March 23, 2012


Remember how just the other day, this resilient little plant broke through the stones in the bottom of the jar and I was amazed?


Well check it out two days later

I don't know what it is about this little plant, but I've somehow wrapped my whole identity into it.  I was skeptical that it would grow, and there it goes, flourishing despite the circumstances.  (Okay, so my mom used to be a florist and my grandparents owned a flower shop and landscaping company for most of their lives.  And yet I know basically nothing about plants.  I didn't know tulips could grow up through stones...I thought it had to be some sort of rich soil or something.)

Yesterday I was making the long trip to school at 6:50 AM.  And I just stopped fighting.  I stopped worrying about my circumstances.  I finally chose to believe that God has a huge plan in the big mess I feel I'm in (possibly wasting tons of money and a year of my life taking these classes and then never getting into grad. school...not having a baby...feeling name it.  It's been a couple of rough weeks).

I guess I just see my little Tulip as a gift from God, showing me that if He cares enough to make the Tulips grow, how much more does He care to make me grow?  

And I'm not sure...but I think God helped me break through my own set of stones on my drive to school yesterday.  I'm feeling so free today with the understanding that I don't need to control my circumstances, and that my circumstances don't define me. 

I just needed a little reminder.

"What if your blessings come through raindrops?
What if your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you're near?
What if trials in this life are your mercies in disguise?"

~Laura Story


  1. Thank you for sharing this reminder... it was one for me too. and what beautiful words from Laura Story!

  2. God will just keep reminding you that the only thing that matters is your relationship with Him. Not future plans, not past (or present) regrets - just your complete love for Him and trust in Him. I am so glad, Jess, that you are allowing yourself to see God's reminders. He just keeps telling you, "Jess - you don't need to worry about your life. I made you. I have it all under control."

    Keep growing, darling girl - God is one of the best gardeners I know ;)

  3. Love this reminder!! And I enjoy Laura Story when I hear her music on the radio. :)


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