Monday, April 1, 2013

24 Week Bumpdate

The Bump:
I'm starting to feel slightly huge.  I'm trying to keep the big picture in mind, and remember that this is a lot smaller than I'll be in July!
I have The Bump app on my phone, and every Monday I get a little reminder of what fruit my baby is the size of.  The first few weeks when the baby was just the size of a poppy seed, then an apple seed, and then a blueberry, I was wishing time would go faster and baby would be comparable to a bigger fruit, like a lemon or an orange.  Well time has moved more quickly than I had imagined it would, and I have officially reached the weeks of what I have dubbed "The Scary Fruits."  This week, baby is the size of a canteloupe.  And it just gets scarier and scarier until we reach the absolutely terrifying watermelon at 39 weeks.  Yikes.



Luke finally felt Scarlett move about a week ago!  I can tell we've hit a growth spurt or something in the past couple of weeks, because her kicks are getting so much stronger!  She startles me sometimes, and I'm often wondering what in the world she is doing in there!

We have officially reached viability week!  That means that if, heaven forbid, I were to go into labor at any point from now on, Scarlett would at least have a chance of surviving outside the womb.  Of course I want her to stay put until I'm at least 37 weeks, but reaching this milestone does feel like a bit of a relief. 

I had my 24 week appointment on Friday and got to see Scarlett on an ultrasound again!

  • Still dealing with extreme hunger and weepiness
  • Heartburn arrived sometime between weeks 22 and 23.  I only get it at night, usually when I'm laying in bed, no matter what I eat beforehand.  It is only really bad when I roll over or change positions.  The other night I was laying on the couch and it hit me.  I told Luke, "Ugh, it feels like there is acid burning my throat! ...Oh wait, there is acid burning my throat!"  I really have never had heartburn before, so this is all new to me.  And I'll take it a thousand times over before suffering through first trimester nausea again!  I'm trying not to complain about it too much for that reason. 
  • I'm starting to have some Braxton Hicks contractions, usually just once every few days.  It is a really odd feeling, where everything gets extremely tight in my abdomen.  If I touch my stomach during one, it feels very firm, and I can feel where the baby is a lot more distinctly.  They always freak me out a bit, but they're not painful at all, and are totally normal at this stage of pregnancy.   
  • Pass the sugar!  All I want is chocolate these days.  Scarlett must be extra sweet!  
  • I've been really not into cheese lately.  Very strange for me.
Fun Stuff:
  • We ordered a crib!  It should be here in the next few days, and I can't wait to set it up!
  • Nursery plans are coming together.  We're going with a very light bluish gray on the walls, and grey and yellow accents.  No theme, really.  Just simple and feminine. 
  • Also, of course my shower from the girls at school was a totally fun surprise!

I can't believe how fast time seems to be moving!  In a month, I'll be in the third trimester, and then Scarlett will be here before we know it!  I've never felt so scared or so excited about anything in my entire life!

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  1. You look great! The baby movement is so fun. And boo on the heartburn, but on the other hand, I'm convinced it means hair - excited to see if she has hair when she's born!


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