Sunday, May 26, 2013

32 Week Bumpdate

 The Bump:
(The lighting is terrible because there was so much sunlight coming in the windows behind me)

I decided to throw a front view in too since I'm big enough that you can really see it from the front now too!

Is it just me or does she look higher than 2 weeks ago?  Strange.  Maybe it's just my outfit?


8 weeks until my due date, and 5 weeks until I'm full term (5! Weeks!  Ahhh!)

I've finally been able to feel Scarlett's hiccups a lot.  It's the cutest thing ever, and makes me laugh every time.  She's been getting them about every day or every other day lately!  They just feel like little spasms in my stomach every few seconds, and they last about 5 minutes.

  • Slight swelling in my hands and feet.  I finally had to take my rings off last week, which was no easy feat!  Lots of cold water and coconut oil were involved, and it was very painful.  I never take my rings off, and didn't realize how tight they were until it was too late!
  • General achy-ness and round ligament pain.  Especially when I get up after sitting or laying down for awhile.  It literally shocks me every time.  My 3-4 lb baby is a lot for my muscles to handle I guess!
  • Heartburn has strangely subsided a lot.  Every once in awhile it comes back, but not too often. 
  • I've about had it with these hormones making me cry over every little thing.  I feel like a crazy person.  and I know that will just get worse for awhile after she's born, so I'll have to just deal with it I guess.

  • Fruit
  • Last night I was craving hot wings, so Luke and I went to B-dubs and I thought I was in heaven.  I ate 11 boneless wings!  I just could not satisfy my hunger yesterday until that finally hit the spot.
  • Milk...chocolate milk, to be more specific.  which is weird, because I'm lactose intolerant.  But I've been drinking about 8 ounces of chocolate milk a day and that doesn't seem to bother me too much.  I remember my mom saying she craved chocolate milk when she was pregnant with me too.  I guess Scarlett needs calcium!

Fun Stuff:
  • My first shower is next Saturday, thrown by my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws.  I'm really excited!
  • Also, Scarlett has been a little gymnast lately. At my last appointment, the nurse said she could see my stomach moving around while she was checking the baby's heartbeat.  I'm starting to be able to feel actual body parts now, like her little bum and what I think is one of her feet.  It often pushes out far enough that my stomach pokes out a bit, and I can feel something very tiny that feels like a foot when I push back.  I think she's running out of room, and trying to stretch out!  I already posted this video last week, but I thought I'd post it again just to show how much she moves these days!

  • Speaking of my appointment last week, it fell on my mom's birthday.  We were meeting my sister to spend a girl's day out together for her birthday, so she came to my appointment with me beforehand and got to hear Scarlett's heartbeat on her birthday!

I can't believe there are single digits of weeks left before my due date!  Everything seems so real, and I know I can't avoid thinking about the whole labor and delivery thing for much longer.  I'm starting to get really nervous about it, but I'm trying to focus more on the end goal...finally meeting Scarlett!


  1. Ahhh! I can't believe you are so close to meeting your daughter!! You look beautiful!

  2. You look adorable! It's so fun when you can start to distinguish body parts. Ah, you're getting closer! Can't believe you are 32 weeks!


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