Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

Here's what I've been up to lately...

This is Scarlett movin' and groovin' in the womb, 2.0. A little over a month ago, I shared a video of one tiny kick here.  If you compare it to the video above, you can see how much bigger she's gotten, and how much more pronounced her movements have become.  If I'm sitting still or laying still, movements like this are pretty much constant. ...until someone else tries to see it or feel it!  She must be shy. (The focus in the video is a little off, so it's easier to see if it's not full screen).

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law Diana graduated with her bachelor's in early childhood education!  This is a picture at her graduation party.  When Luke and I started dating, she was in middle school!  Time has flown by, and it has been fun watching her grow up.  We are so proud of her!

I had my first Menchie's trip of the spring with Luke and JC on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  This was pomegranate raspberry tart yogurt topped with fruit.  It pretty much made my day.

Speaking of frozen, sweet treats, my mom and I had a frozen strawberry lemonade the other day after an intense shopping day out. I had so much fun spending the day with my mom, buying baby things and finishing up my registry!  ...I needed a picture to commemorate the day.

Last weekend, our friend Doug celebrated his 30th birthday.  We had a little surprise bonfire party to celebrate.  It was a great night spent with friends.  I can't believe so many of us will be celebrating our 30th birthdays in the next couple of years!  I still feel about 22.

 The week before Mother's Day, my sisters (in-law) and I went to "Hot Pots," a pottery painting place.  It was fun, and I painted my mom a little flower pot for Mother's Day.  I can't wait until Scarlett is old enough to take!  I think we'll spend lots of mother-daughter dates here in a few years. 

A friend from church gave me a flower for Mother's Day.  I thought it was so sweet!

I guess this is braggy, but I survived what my professor dubbed "the semester from hell" with all As!  Even my clinic supervisor, whom I was sure hated me in the beginning and thought I was hopeless, gave me an A.  I really tried to take her constructive criticism to heart, and she said she thought I improved 100% over the semester.  It feels good to have those 15 weeks behind me!

Speaking of school, I had a week-long literacy seminar this week.  It was a required class, and it was Monday - Thursday, 9:00 - 4:30 every day.  I had been dreading it all year, to be honest, because who wants to sit in the same class for 7.5 hours?  They were long days, but I did learn a lot.  We had 1 big group project to complete for this class, and 4 days to complete it.  Each group was given a case study about a client, and we had to plan therapy goals and activities for 1 month of therapy.  We also had to make all the materials we were going to use in the activities.  Oh, and also?  On top of that, we had to choose one material, and make 40 of them to pass out to the entire class.  Well anyway, my group worked really hard on the materials we made for the whole class.  The picture you see above is our final project after being tweaked and revised at least 50 times.  We call it our "sound scavenger," and it can be used to find letters in books, with matching pictures that start with each letter to promote phonemic awareness.  The pencil tip can also be used as a pointer to teach the one-to-one ratio of spoken word to printed word.  And there are a bunch of other uses, but I'll leave it at that.  We spent hours and hours constructing these, because we had cut out every letter picture and glue all 26 of them on, 40 times (n-z are on the back).  But, we were pretty excited about the final result, and our professor told us there is a commercial version that is being sold, but ours is better!  We totally thought we should try to patent and sell them.  Anyway, that was a long story, that no one but me probably cares about.  But yeah, it was a long week to say the least!  I'm ready to relax a bit this weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. All A's!! Awesome - congrats :-)

  2. Congrats on all A's!! That's amazing. And the yogurt looks super yummy. :)


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