Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Months Old!

Dear Scarlett,

You are two months old today!  I can't believe how much you've grown!  

You weigh around 8 pounds now.  And while that's about the size of the average newborn, we are so happy with how much you've grown!  On your 1 month "birthday," you weighed 5 lbs, 13 oz.  Your growing has seemed to finally take off since then.  You are now in newborn-sized onesies, and some newborn pants.  Preemie pants still fit better in the waist, but you have such long legs, they have all turned into capris!  Grandma Judy has had to take some of your pants in because your bum and legs are so skinny.  You are lucky to have your own personal tailor at such a young age.

You have become so interactive in the past month.  Around 5 weeks old you gave us your first real, social smile.  About a week after that, you started cooing.  You love to lay on your changing table and just smile and "talk" away while Daddy or Mommy are changing your diaper or clothes.   

In the past month you've become a typical girl, and have had many mood swings.  You are a bit fussier than you were a month ago.  Sometimes you will be screaming like crazy, and out of nowhere, you'll take a deep breath, stop crying, and break out in a sweet smile.  Or vice versa!  It always cracks us up.  You are a bit like your mommy with the mood swings, I guess. 

You are such an alert and animated baby!  You make so many sweet and funny faces.  You have started giving us this little pouty, frowny face right before you start to cry.  It looks so pathetic and adorable, we just can't help but laugh!  I'm on a mission to get that face in a picture. 

One of our favorite things you do is what we call the "fake-out sneeze."  You will sneeze twice in a row, and the third time, a sneeze doesn't come out, but you make this loud sigh instead of the sneeze.  We laugh every time, and now you have begun to expect a laugh every time you sneeze!  You smile and wait for us to laugh afterwards.

You are the best sleeper!  You usually sleep a stretch of about 5-6 hours a night.  Mommy loves not having to wake up a bunch during the night anymore!  Although I do miss the extra snuggle time.

Mommy went back to school this month, and it was so hard!  I miss you so much every day.  But I'm doing it all for you, so hopefully we will be able to move out into a house in the country with a lot of land where you will grow up and have everything you need!  I think the transition back to school has been much harder on Mommy than on you, because you get to spend 2 days a week with Nana (and sometimes Papa and Aunt Di), and 2 days a week with Grandma (and sometimes Grandpa).  They spoil you, and give you all the attention in the world.  We couldn't ask for better "baby-sitters."

You got to experience lots of new things this month.  You went on lots of shopping trips with Mommy, spent lots of time with your grandparents and aunts, went on lots of walks with mommy, "watched" football with Daddy, and had your first trip to the Canfield Fair!  As exciting as last month was, Mommy cannot wait for you to experience your first fall and Christmas seasons!  The best time of year is coming up, and I know you will love it!

Here is what you looked like during your second month: 

Somehow you get cuter and cuter everyday.  Mommy and Daddy can barely handle it!

We are amazed daily by the amount of love we feel for you.  

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Our big, bright-eyed girl! I love watching her grow and change :-)


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