Thursday, September 5, 2013

Canfield Fair 2013

Well I am almost two weeks into the new semester, and let's just say it is not going well.  I've never been so stressed out in my life, and the little time I get with Scarlett I spend feeling depressed and guilty.  I wish I had taken another semester off.  So basically, I guess I could use some prayers.

...But let's move on from that depressing topic!  At least last weekend I was able to relax and have a little bit of fun.  On Saturday night we went to The Canfield Fair with Luke's family.  A good way to say "goodbye" to summer.

Scarlett slept through most of the fair:

...But woke up toward the end and was so alert and happy!  She's a country girl at heart...

Admittedly, these are less "pictures of the fair," and more, "pictures of Scarlett"...

...With Nana

...and Papa

...And smiling at Aunt moey

In addition to just playing with Scarlett, we also did enjoy some fair food, obviously.  The traditional corn dog,

 These are Luke's pulled pork nachos.  They make me want to gag, but he promises they were delicious.

We also enjoyed some fresh squeezed lemonade, and ice cream sundaes.  

Overall it was a fun night!  I can't wait until next year when Scarlett is a little older, and will obviously be more aware.  We are definitely making The Canfield Fair a yearly tradition!

And just for fun, a little family picture comparison.  Here we are last time we were both at the fair in 2010:

And here we are in 2013 with an additional member! ...Although I must admit, I kind of miss looking like that ^  Ha!  I wish I had time to do things like lose weight and care what I look like these days, but ain't nobody got time for that!  Although with the new school schedule, I forget to eat most days, so maybe the pounds will start falling off soon. Luke, on the other hand, has not changed much:  Ohio State shirt: check.  Stubble: check.  Rubber wristband commemorating some random sports team: check.

Here's to hoping this weekend is equally as fun, and not nearly as stressful as this week has been!

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