Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Thrift Shop Haul

Luke, Scarlett, and I had our first big night out as a family on Saturday night.  We've gone out a lot of times since Scarlett has been born, but it's not usually just the three of us, and usually not for an entire evening.

We ended up going to Once Upon A Child to buy some more fall clothes for Scarlett, and then out to a late dinner at Red Robin.  Scarlett was so well-behaved the whole time!  She was completely fine, besides a little fussiness for a few minutes on the way home before she fell asleep.  I was worried she'd be totally over-stimulated or bothered by the noise in Red Robin.  But she loved it!  She seems to really enjoy being in new surroundings and having novel things to look at.  Here she is taking it all in while Daddy was holding her:

So anyway, we had a fun night.  But the best part was the great clothes we scored at Once Upon a Child!  All Carters, for just under $20 total!

I thought this would be cute for fall or Christmas (although hopefully she is no longer in newborn clothes by Christmastime!)

Luke found this.  We think it's for boys, but it's Ohio State colors, so, score!  We'll put a bow in her hair and it will all work out.  

This is a bit wrinkled, but I think it's adorable!  It's pretty long, so I thought with leggings or jeggings it would be perfect for fall.  Can I please have one of these in my size?

This vest is my favorite find of the day.  I love the heart pockets!

And she is going to look so sweet and girly in this pale, pink, ruffly sweater.

And a new pair of jeans!  This is what she really needed.  It annoys me to no end that baby clothes come in sets with a couple of onesies and a pair of pants, all in crazy colors and patterns.  They must do it on purpose so you can only wear the pants with the onesies you bought it with, and you end up buying more clothes overall.  Am I making sense?  Anyway, I just really wanted some neutral pants and jeans that Scarlett could wear with anything.  Aren't these adorable?  I was excited to find them.  I found some other jeans and white and gray pants on Friday when I was shopping with my mom, so she should be good for awhile!  I feel a little bit like I outsmarted the system.

So anyway, that was that.  How boring is my life that I blog about the cheap clothes I bought Scarlett over the weekend?  I can't help it, baby clothes are quickly becoming my favorite thing ever.  I wish I dressed half as well as my girl:

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  1. Nothing better than dressing your little one on a bargain!


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