Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Highlights

This year Christmas was so different, because it was our first married Christmas together. Here were my Christmas highlights:

*Singing in the choir on Christmas Eve and sportin' some ringlets!

* Enjoying the White Elephant gift exchange at my grandparents' on Christmas Eve where I won some "bling tattos," a money-sign necklace, and a fake grill. I think I made out pretty well! :-P

*Going to Luke's parents' on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts, watch A Christmas Story, and just have fun. Here's my favorite gift of the evening:

That's right, I am one of the countless crazy followers of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and was elated when I opened their book from Luke's parents!

*Waking up with Luke on Christmas morning, exchanging gifts just the two of us, and drinking hot chocolate in our sweet new mugs from one of my friends.

There's Luke opening his favorite present from me: "The Dark Knight" on blu-ray. He had adamantly told me that if he didn't get this movie, he would kill himself. Melodramatic much, Luke?

And here we are on our first Christmas morning together. Obviously just after we had woken up!

Here are the adorable mugs full of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

*Enjoying the morning with Gabby was definitely a highlight!
Don't worry, that was her stocking. There were treats inside, and she couldn't figure out how to get them out!

She's such a diva, posing for the camera like that!

*Receiving the book "Marley and Me" from my wonderful hubby as a gift, so that I could read it before going to see the movie
*Spending the morning with my parents and sister, exchanging gifts, and then watching "The Polar Express" IN 3-D (believe it or not, that was a gift from my sister to my dad because he loves that movie! I personally like the book better, but whatev :-P)

*Receiving my favorite new toy from my parents. Perfect for all the hard wood floors in our house!

*Receiving a "gift from the heart" from my sister, who drew this herself. Did I mention she's an artist (and interior design student)? I'm a little jealous that she got these genes and not me. These are hand-drawn pictures from the wedding:
*Spending the afternoon with Luke's mom's side of the family. They are all Italian and very fun and outgoing. Not to mention, they cook AMAZING food. We had fun there, and bellies so full we were about to burst! And here is a fabulous ornament from Luke's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave. Every family got one, and they were all dressed differently. Pretty sure she saved the pink one especially for me. It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed with the color!

*Wrapping up the evening at my aunt's house, with my dad's side of the family. Luke and I were about ready to crash at this point, but we stayed awake long enough to miraculously pack away some more food, exchange gifts and visit with the family.

*Getting home and falling asleep in Luke's arms on the couch, with Gabby in my arms, and the Christmas tree glowing in the background. What a perfect first Christmas together.

*Knowing that I still have over a week left of break before I have to return to the real world!

I hope your Christmas was just as blessed as mine. Here's to New Year's parties and resolutions coming up next week!

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