Monday, December 22, 2008

Enjoying the Arctic Temperatures

11 degrees Fahrenheit...that's how cold it is in Northeastern Ohio today. And including the wind chill it's well below 0. This has ruined my plans for the day. First of all, I had to baby-sit this morning because the one school in the area that was supposed to have school today canceled because of the temperature. This meant that I had to baby-sit all morning. Not necessarily the most fun way to spend my first day of Christmas break! Also, I was supposed to do some last minute Christmas shopping with my mom and sister, Julie. We decided it was just too cold to have to even walk outside. So we rescheduled for tomorrow.

So what is a girl to do on a frigid day with no plans? Embrace it :-) Being confined to the house has it's perks!

First of all, I made a cozy lunch of my favorite comfort foods to warm me up! Here it is folks, the meal that warmed me up inside and out. I'm obviously not on any sort of diet :-P

First of all I made toast my favorite way: with honey and penaut butter. makes my mouth water!

Then I HAD to drink something warm on a day like today. I made a drink combining 2 scoops of my Suisse Mocha coffee drink mix, with half a package of milk chocolate hot cocoa. I love chocolate, what can I say. And of course I topped it off with mini marshmallows.

Next I had to chill on the couch and cuddle with Gabby, under the new blanket that my mother-in-law made us. Getting up at 6:45 on my first official day of Christmas break is not my idea of fun! So a little bit of relaxation was definitely in order.

Later, Gabby enjoyed curling up in the blanket herself. She is too cute sometimes!

Then I took the longest, hottest shower ever. Don't worry, no pictures here! But it sure warmed me up :-)

Finally I finished my afternoon by making some sugar cookies and peanut butter fudge for our renters (maybe I'm a suck up...)

And wrapping some presents!

So today was relaxing AND productive :-)

Christmas countdown: 3 days :-)


  1. I saw you on Sharon's newlywed cooking blog and had to say hello! I'm also 24, on my first house, first pets and first (and only) husband! (Even though we've almost been married 3 years.) I just had to say hi!

  2. Your kitty is adorable. The mocha drink and cookies look delicious!

  3. Awww, your kitty is a cutie-patootie!
    It's neat to read about your newly-wed adventures. I'm a little older (26yrs old) and in my second year of marriage- though we're currently petless and renting...


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