Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Love Dare

This book ("The Love Dare") was a gift from Luke for Christmas. He bought it for me because he saw that it was from the movie "Fireproof." I have not seen the movie yet because we wanted to wait until it came out on video in order to save money, but I'm DYING to see it! It's a Christian movie about a fireman who is trying to save his marriage. I've heard as far as acting goes, it's a mediocre movie. But the content is so rich it has actually changed people's lives. My sister's boyfriend's parents were on the brink of a divorce a few months ago. They went, skeptically, to see this movie because they heard it was so good, and it literally saved their marriage! It inspired them to work things out, and they give all the credit to the movie (and God!) Being that we've only been married for about six months, Luke and I aren't exactly struggling in our marriage. However, who can't use a little relationship help to make things even better?

Anyway, he bought me the book simply because the huge sticker on the cover stated that it was from the movie "Fireproof." He thought it was a novel or something. After he bought it, he opened it up and realized it was more of a couple's Bible study. As I unwrapped it on Christmas morning, he begrudgingly said, "Yeah, I didn't realize it, but I think this is one we have to read together." He acted like he wasn't too interested.

I placed the book in our pile of gifts under the tree, forgetting about it due to our LOOONG day on Thursday. This morning, however, I had nothing else to do, and decided to pick up the book and see what it was all about.

I'm totally intrigued by this book! It is a 40 day Bible study for couples. It is a very short, easy read every day, and there is a "dare" for each day of the challenge (hence the name, "The Love Dare.")

I only quickly read Day 1's dare to see what kind of things I will be dared to do over the next 40 days. The dare was, in a nutshell, to say nothing negative to your spouse all day. I hate to admit it, but for me that will be very difficult! And the even harder part is that you are supposed to continue every day's dare until the end of the 40 days. So something is added every day to the way you treat your spouse, in the hopes of forming habits that you will carry throughout your marriage. That was very confusing, and I hope it made sense.

I am SO excited to go through this 40-day challenge with Luke. And I'm going to keep this book tucked away someplace safe for years down the road, when things do get a little rockier. We can break out the book, and re-do the 40 days whenever our marriage needs a little touch from God.

I'm so in love with the book already, and if you're married, you should hop on over to amazon and order one for yourself!

I hope you don't mind that this post was basically a commercial :-P

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