Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Party

Last night Luke and I had a little Super Bowl party. We just invited a few people, mostly family. It was fun! None of us really cared too much who won, and I loved that it was just a fun night, and not too serious or intense :-) There was a LOT of good food. Like, almost too much. I almost didn't have enough room for it all! (This picture was taken when a lot of it was already gone :-P)
When the game got boring, we had fun torturing Ellie with a laser pen. We seriously did this for the whole first half of the game, until she got so tired she could barely stand up. It was so funny! I had to take a video. Ignore Luke calling her a dummy :-P We love Ellie, and she's such a sweetheart, and a cuddler. But she's not very bright :-P Gabby is much smarter, but very, very mean. If only we could combine their good traits, we'd have the perfect cat ;-)

Anyway, here she is, frantically trying to catch the little red dot. Sadly, she will never succeed :-P Unfortunately in the video, you can't really see the little red dot from the laser pen. But it's still funny!

It was a fun night, and now we can officially say we've had our first party in our new living room upstairs :-) (JC and Luke look a little creepy in those pictures :-P)

Now I'm ready to head downstairs to watch "The Bachelor" in the bedroom so I don't have to subject Luke to it :-P I'm so into it this season! Mostly because I really like Jake. I hope he chooses Tenley! After that I think I'm going to flush ice down the toilet and wear my pjs backwards to ensure a snow day this week ;-) We had a 2 hour delay this morning because the roads were still a little bad from the blizzard over the weekend. And we're supposed to get 6-9 more inches tomorrow and Wednesday, plus it will be windy and there will be a lot of drifting of the 15 or so inches we already have. So I highly doubt that I will be going in on Wednesday! (knock on wood!!)

Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like a great Super Bowl Party. I love The Bachelor too!!!

  2. All that food looks so yummy!! :-) Always fun to have people over!

  3. looks like the party was a hit :)
    i like the new living room color! looks great!

  4. Oh, how cute! That's funny that you were having more fun watching your cat during the first half of the game - we had a lot of fun watching my dog during the first part of the game! Pets are great.

  5. yumm!! all your food looks great! sounds like a fun time!


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