Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day Love

I knew as soon as January was over, my life would get a little more exciting again :-) So far in February we've gotten new carpet and redecorated our attic/living room, we've gotten the biggest snowstorm I can remember in a long time, and have consequently had a FUN Saturday sled-riding for the first time in years, had Netflix movie marathons, and I've had a snow day! On top of that, we had a fun party on Saturday. And coming up, we have one of my FAVORITE holidays: Valentines Day!

This week I decided I'd post a lot about V-Day. Because I love it so much :-) Today I thought I'd write about my love for Valentines Day, even back when I was single :-)

Honestly, sometimes I really miss high school me. I was so innocent and even naive and had not a care in the world. I rarely had boyfriends in high school, but had a GREAT group of friends, a wonderful family, and a fun youth group that I was really close to (which Luke just happened to be part of! If only I knew then what I knew now ;-)). I really had nothing to worry about back then besides my grades. I would spend my weekends going to the movies with my friends, or having girl's nights with them where we would stay up way too late talking and giggling. Oh, and I could eat 4,000 calories a day and not gain an ounce. That was nice too ;-) But that's besides the point...

I think my best high school year was my junior year. I was seventeen, young enough to still be under my parents protection yet old enough to start feeling a little freedom. I was a hopeless romantic. I was completely single, but knew that God would write my love story. I knew that my prince charming would sweep my off my feet someday, and all I had to do was sit around and wait for him :-) I just couldn't wait until it happened, but I was okay with the fact that it hadn't yet. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad I was able to hold onto my innocence and be okay just being me. Most of my friends had lots of boyfriends, but I can look back and be glad that I didn't.

So anyway, it was Valentines Day 2002. Seventeen year old me woke up and got ready for school. I'm sure I was wearing a pink sweater. I only wore one color back then ;-) I remember walking downstairs and finding the packages on the kitchen counter: one for me, and one for my sister. Yes, my parents gave us V-Day presents every year growing up, even when we were older. Come to think of it, my mom still gave me one last year! When I was married! lol...anyway...

I opened my package. Inside was chocolate, of course, and a book :
I had seen the movie when it had come out a few weeks before, and it was easily my new favorite. I was so excited when I opened the book, I wanted to skip school and just stay home and read it!

I went through my school day, probably only receiving a few Valentines Day Carnations from my friends (I always hated this V-Day tradition in high school btw! Way to make the single girls feel bad!)

When I got home, I closed myself in my bedroom and devoured my new book. I read it all that evening. I cried, and I just knew that real love would be like the love that Jamie and Landon had for each other. Then I ate some chocolate, took a relaxing bubble bath, and watched a chick flick or two. I let my imagination run wild about when I would finally fall in love and have a boy that would do anything for me like Landon would do anything for Jamie. Oh my goodness, the part in the movie when Landon helps Jamie accomplish some of the goals in her life list STILL makes my heart skip a beat. After approximately 3,782 viewings :-P When he puts the butterfly tattoo on her shoulder, and then takes her to the state line so she can "be in two places at once." Ahh, it still gets to me! My absolute favorite part is when they are in the play together, Jamie sings her song looking absolutely beautiful, and then they spontaneously kiss while the curtain closes. Be still my teenage heart!

So anyway, all that to say I love Valentines Day. I've always loved it. For me it was an excuse to be girly and to celebrate the day that I would finally find my "Landon." Well guess what! I found him! A mere two-and-a-half years after that special, single Valentines Day :-)

This Saturday, Luke is having a bunch of guys over to play video games and do other guy things (I'm so glad I'm a girl!! :-P) And I think I decided I'm going to read and watch "A Walk to Remember." to get me in the romantic mood for Valentines Day on Sunday. I have some fun things planned (as long as I can get to town sometime in the next few days in this horrible weather!) But I'll write about those later. Enjoy this week! And even if you're single, celebrate your single-dom, and the fact that God is writing your love story, right now!


  1. What a fun post!! Gotta love Valentines day :) Glad you saw my blog and your "award". I am just getting around to letting everyone know. So fun!! Have a great day!!

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  3. I was the same way - no boyfriend's in highschool, but my parent's always gave me a Valentine. We would just exchange them within my family, but it was a way to make the day special, even with no boys in the picture. :-) I was a hopeless romantic too - I think I was reading the Zion Chronicles then - ah! Good books.

  4. I love valentines day.... i love the red and pink colors!! Oh, and all the romance movies!! :-)

  5. You're good! I have nothing planned! I'm so behind!


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