Friday, February 5, 2010

The Weather Oustide is Frightful

We are in the middle of a little bit of a blizzard right now. It started at about 3:00 this afternoon, and is supposed to continue for about 24 hours. We may get as many as 10 inches of snow. As sad as I am to say that this blizzard was wasted on the weekend, ensuring that we will not get a snow day out of it, I can't be mad for long. Just look how beautiful it is!
Luckily I was able to rush to the grocery store right after work, and consequently have nowhere that I have to be until tomorrow evening. I love being able to enjoy the snow from inside my cozy house! Especially now that the new living room in the attic is just about finished (Luke is planning on finishing the railing soon since our Super Bowl party is on Sunday, so I will be posting "after" pictures soon!!)

Luke and I did venture out for a little while tonight to chill out and eat some pizza with some family at my grandparents' house. Luckily they live very close-by, so we didn't have to drive in the snow for more than a few minutes. That's where I took the pictures since Luke and I don't have so much as one tree on our tiny little property.

Luke is at the church right now playing basketball, which is always his Friday evening activity every week. I'm upstairs with some comfy sweats on. I have the space heater running right beside me, and I'm underneath the heavy afghan that Luke's mom made us. I'm about to go downstairs and make some of my favorite dark chocolate hot chocolate. And then the kitties and I are going to cuddle on the couch all night and watch some more movies from my Netflix Instant Queue. So far, of the movies in my instant queue, I'm been able to watch through "Sunshine Cleaning," (great movie!) "Supersize Me," (I'm never eating McDonalds again...) and half of "Doubt." I fell asleep through the second half. I'll probably watch the rest of "Doubt" tonight, and then I'm not sure what else. It's between "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist," "The Ramen Girl," "Penelope," and "Rachel Getting Married." It's such a hard decision! This whole Instant Netflix thing has become increasingly addictive. I'm thinking that I'll probably settle on "Penelope," it looks very interesting, and I'm intrigued.

Anyway, I think I'm going to love this weekend :-) I told Luke that as much as I love this, I just can't wait until the day that we live in our dream house. It will be in the middle of nowhere, and we'll have huge windows and a fireplace. So we can enjoy the beautiful blizzards with a beautiful view :-) And we can all cuddle together and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie with a fire burning. With our 3 or 4 children, of course (Luke says 3, I say 4. I figure one of us will change our minds once we actually start having them! lol) It will be perfect, and I just can't wait!

Well, I'm off to do some unwinding. This is just what I need after a long week at work!! Enjoy your Friday evening!


  1. Stay warm this weekend! I did the same thing last night cuddled up with warm clothes and watched movies!! But I didnt have cookies! Bummer! Sounds SO good! Enjoy your weekend Jessica! :-)

  2. I wish we would get a good snow storm! It hasn't snowed here since Christmas, and I miss it.

  3. Snow, snow and more snow. Spring, come quickly!!!
    So, did you watch "Penelope"? That is one of my "go to" movies -- I watch it when I'm sick, or just need a girly no-brainer movie.


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