Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Today I went out shopping and to a movie with my mom and sister. It was a lot of fun! We shopped for so long that our legs and backs were starting to hurt! But we found lots of great stuff! Specifically at Old Navy. All of their clearance items were 50% off! So I got a few tops for $2 or $3 each. It was great!

We ate lunch at Steak and Shake before the shopping began, and then went back for shakes later before our movie. It was delicious! I LOVE Steak and Shake!

The movie we decided on was "The Bounty Hunter." It was a funny movie with a little bit of action thrown in as well. It was pretty good! Last night I hung out with Mom and Julie too! Luke plays basketball on Friday nights, so I went over to my parents' house. We ordered pizza and then watched "Coraline." It was such a good movie! And visually it was astonishing. Even though it's kind of a kid's movie, I really enjoyed it! It was very cute. I can't believe the weekend is halfway over already! Why do they go so fast and the weekdays seem sooo slow?! Oh well, seven more weeks and school's out for summer! You better believe I am counting down the days. Teacher burn-out has officially set in for the year.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. So glad you had fun! I think I want to see that movie! I just love Jennifer Aniston!

  2. My MIL wanted to see Bounty Hunter for her birthday so we all went out for pizza & a movie a couple weeks ago.
    "Date Night" is a hoot too! Hubby took me to see that last weekend and we laughed so hard!


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