Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Blessings

Ohio Achievement Assessment week ended
Extra recess = extra planning time for me
Girl time with my friend Sarah all evening!
Pizza and Orange Fanta
The Duggars and "Say Yes to the Dress."
Deep conversation
Early bedtime!

Slept until 9
Organized coupons
Cleaned the house
Finished laundry
Hours of TV time
Got lost in blogs
Watched Ellie try Luke's shorts on

Great church service with cardboard testimonies
Lunch at Hot Dog Shoppe with Luke an JC
Ice cream sandwich-cake at Mom and Dad's
Lounged in the giant bean bag chair all afternoon
Cavs won
Walgreens/Giant Eagle run
Spent $7.70 at Walgreens on $26 worth of stuff
Got $11 back in Register Rewards
May be going out for Blizzards at DQ with Luke later
Ellie was cute. Again.

So I had a pretty relaxing weekend full of not too much activity. The break was a blessing, and my house is clean and ready for the week. On a typical weekend after passing through like a tornado between activities, the house is a wreck. So it is nice to feel so ready for the week with a nice house and full fridge :-)

I hope your weekend was full of blessings as well!


  1. So glad to hear you had a good weekend :)

  2. Great weekend! So nice that your house is clean and ready for the week. That is the best feeling!

  3. I love lazy weekends without a ton of stuff planned. :)

  4. Love your weekend blessings!!!!


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