Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week in Review

Luke has taken on a little side job mowing lawns in the evening. Consequently, I haven't been able to see him as much as normal :-( However, for some reason I've found that I get a lot done when I'm home alone, so this was a pretty productive week.

Sunday 5/22 - We went to church as usual, and then headed to Luke's grandparents' house for lunch. After lunch, we all went out and looked at the spot where they will be putting a new house, which was exciting! Later, I went to my grandparents' house to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. And after that, I watched the third Pirates movie with Luke, and then immediately left for the theater where we watched the 4th Pirates movie in 3D. My thoughts on the movie: was just more of the same from the first 3. I think this series has been played out. I really, really love the first movie, and like the second a lot, but the third and fourth just weren't that great to me...they were nothing new I guess.

Monday 5/13 - I went out shopping with coupons, and was really excited to save a lot of money! Later, Luke and JC went to the Indians game so I stayed home and got about 20 things checked off of my to-do list, and half of them were done while I watched The Bachelorette! So it was a productive evening in my opinion :-)

Tuesday 5/14 - On Tuesday I had a nice visit with my grandma after work, and then made a quick early dinner for Luke before he dashed out the door at 4:45 for a night of mowing. I spent the evening tackling more items on my to-do list, reading, and making these cute paper flowers.

Wednesday 5/25 - I barely even remember what I did Wednesday, so it must have been pretty boring. I spent the evening alone for the most part again, and got some things done. Wednesdays always seem to be so boring! I did make a delicious Olive Garden copy-cat salad for dinner for myself, and it was pretty delicious!

Thursday 5/26- This day I had another great grocery shopping trip where I saved more money! I spent the rest of the evening the same way I spent all my evenings this week.

Friday 5/27 - This was track and field day at my school! So I got to work the 3-legged race. It was a fun day, but being outside all day had me feeling pretty miserable with my allergies. In the evening I went out to see The Hangover Part 2 with Luke and 4 of his guy friends. I am not proud that I saw it, and it was definitely pretty inappropriate. Much worse than the first one. I usually make it a point not to watch R-rated comedies, but I made an exception for some reason. Although it was funny, definitely not worth watching again. After the movie, we all went to Applebees for a late dinner. Luke graciously paid for both of our meals with a gift card he had received for his birthday, so that was nice! Overall I enjoyed the evening. It's fun crashing guys night every once in awhile...hope they didn't mind! :-)
Saturday 5/28 - I had another library meeting in the morning which I was late to because I slept in. I was so embarrassed! And while I am often a little late, I NEVER EVER sleep in when I'm supposed to get up for something. Like, I have not done it in 4 years of working at the job I'm at now. I haven't been feeling well, and I guess I was just super tired and somehow turned my alarm off instead of pushing "snooze." Anyway, the meeting was good! I spent the rest of the day clipping coupons and cleaning the house. We grilled burgers and had fries for dinner in the evening, and spent the rest of it just chilling out together. We've both been pretty under-the-weather this week, and Luke is just plain exhausted from working so hard!

Milestones this week: I seem to have come out of my blogging slump. I'd been in one for awhile and it was starting to feel like a chore. But something clicked and I've been finding more time to do it, and it's fun again! So yay!

Movies I watched: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (B) and 4 (B-), and The Hangover 2 (C)

Books I'm reading: Still reading Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs...I hope to finish it next week because I've been reading it FOREVER! And finished 2 Chronicles in the Bible.

Songs I'm loving: (there are a lot...apparently I listened to a lot of music this week!) Come Alive - Barlow Girl, Mistakes - Kutless, Unbreakable - Fireflight, You - Britt Nicole

Favorite picture:
This was taken on Friday on the way to the movie, and I thought the sky looked really cool!

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Memorial Day picnics, having a day off, finishing out the school year!! Our last day is Friday! And getting the final preparations in order for the library's grand opening next Sunday!

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  1. Don't you just love seeing your bill go down when you use coupons? I LOVE IT! I've been a little more intense about couponing lately, and even though it's more work, the end result is so satisfying :=)


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