Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Cooking Wednesday: Truffles and Cake Balls

For my sister's bridal shower, we made truffles to give away as favors, and I think they were a hit!

I decided to make three different kinds of truffles: oreo truffles, chocolate cake balls, and red velvet cake balls.

I will start with the...

I can't for the life of me find where I originally found the recipe for these, so I can't really give credit where credit is due, I guess. But I'm going to share the recipe anyway. These are to-die-for, but I'm pretty sure just looking at them will make you gain a pound or two.

1 package Oreo cookies
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese
2 (8 oz) packages semi-sweet chocolate baking squares


1. Crush up the Oreos. Then mix them together with the cream cheese in a medium bowl until well blended. Roll the mixture into balls about 1-inch in diameter.

2. Heat the chocolate baking squares until melted and smooth.

3. Dip the balls into the chocolate. This is the hard part. I think I have yet to find a great technique for this, but the best thing I've found is to drop the ball into the chocolate, roll it around, scoop it up with a fork, and lightly tap your wrist so the excess chocolate drips back into the bowl. (This is definitely the most difficult, time-consuming and frustrating step!)

4. Set the truffles on wax paper until cool, then refrigerate until firm.

5. Decorate to your hearts content!! This is by far my favorite step.


As I said, the other two kinds of truffles we made were cake balls - red velvet and chocolate. These were delicious! But they didn't set up quite as well as the oreo truffles, and were much harder to work with.

I found the recipe on Bakerella's website, so instead of typing out the recipe, here is a link to the page.

We had a truffle-decorating party a few days before Julie's shower, and we had lots of fun! Julie even came to join us...but mostly to watch, and to "taste-test" the mess-ups ;-)


  1. Oh, my goodness. Can I come over? I think that oreo truffles are amazing!!!! I would like to try my hand at making the cake balls again, it has been a long time.

  2. If you ever feel like sending some my way dont hesitate :)


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