Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

Sometime back in October, I started thinking about giving our bedroom a makeover. What can I say? My tastes change a lot :-)

I knew I wanted to lighten the room up a little bit. Here it was about two years ago freshly decorated...lots and lots of browns, and not a lot of "pop"

Well, I bought a new duvet cover and pillow cases this weekend during a trip to IKEA. And I shopped my house for some other things: The little red pillows that were tucked away in a closet, left over from when we used to have an Ohio State room, and the curtains that I moved from the dining room to the bedroom, because they just matched too perfectly. (I plan on turning the dining room into an all-white room as soon as the bedroom is finished, so the red curtains will no longer be needed in there anyway.

close-up :-)

Anyway, I think I've brightened up the room quite a bit with just those changes. The next step is to paint the walls. I would like them to be a pale blue color. Something like this:

"Bravo Blue" by Sherwin Williams

I think that will go nicely with the red. More projects that I'd like to complete would be to possibly re-finish an old dresser if I can find a cheap one on Craigslist or a garage sale. I'd like to paint one white and slightly distress it. I'd also like to buy a nice, new rug, maybe a white one. I've decided the bed will need a nice blue ruffly pillow right in the middle of the red ones to bring the two colors together.

I really hope it all comes together nicely, because unlike my interior designer sister, I do NOT have an eye for these things. If nothing else, I think I will at least succeed in brightening the room up a bit and bringing a little more life and coziness to it!


  1. Oooh, I really like it! I think the little pops of red really add to the room.

  2. I thinK it's going to look great! I like the color combination!


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