Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week in Review


-Our church had our dedication service for the new building on Sunday night. It was a great service and a packed house!

-Spent a lot of time in the church library again. It's so quiet and peaceful in there. I really love working there.
-Enjoyed a few wonderful afternoons at my parents' pool because it was the hottest, most humid week of the year. I am not complaining, though! I wished for days like this like crazy in the middle of our blizzardy winter and rainy spring. I would give anything for more weeks like last week and less snowy, frigid weeks. Please don't hate me, fellow Ohioans. :-P

-Luke had a softball game on Thursday night and I had a great time watching it from the grassy shade. - Had a thunder storm on Friday night and I absolutely loved it for two reasons: 1. I love summer storms. They are peaceful and romantic. 2. Luke was supposed to mow until about 8 Friday night, but obviously got canceled since he was rained out. I enjoyed spending the evening with him. We had sweet corn and burgers for dinner and Luke spent the evening catching up on his DVR'd shows while I was consumed once again in a Harry Potter book. Life was good :-)

-Spent all day Saturday at Ikea with some of the women of Luke's family. It was a great time and I found a new comforter for the bedroom! I have been trying to find one since October. And while I didn't plan on incorporating red into the room, I decided on the fly that it would be a great idea. I am planning to paint the walls a pale blueish-bray color anyway, and I thought pops of red would coordinate well.I think I will definitely need a blue, frilly pillow in the bed too to bring it all together once I'm done :-)
Here it is close up...Gabby obviously loves it.

- I enjoyed a date night with Luke on Saturday night. We went out to dinner and were planning to go to a movie, but it was sold out. So we came home and watched one instead. I told him it was better to watch one at home anyway, because then we could cuddle :-P I have really become excited about our date nights which have been happening weekly. I really don't see Luke during the week now that he is working so much, and when he is home, he's asleep or too tired to function. So I love our weekend dates when he is more himself and We can spend some QT together, just the two of us.


Movies I watched: No Strings Attached (C)

Books I'm reading: Finished Nehemiah in the Bible, read What a Girl Wants by Kristen Billerbeck (it was such a good, light read, and I think I'll have to order the next two in the series as well!), and I'm just about done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Obviously, I once again spent every spare moment of my time reading this week. I stayed up until 1 or 2 most nights completely unable to put the books down. It's an addiction).

Songs I'm Loving: Firework by Katy Perry. I know it's getting old, but I just can't get enough of it. It pumps me up :-)

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Movie night with Kristin tomorrow, my sister's birthday, and dragging Luke with me to see Crazy Stupid Love. Hellllooo, Ryan Gosling ;-) My sister and I have had a crush on Ryan ever since he was the skinny little kid on Remember the Titans. *Swoon* Anyway, that movie looks so good, and I've been looking forward to seeing it all summer!


  1. Sounds like a good week! Have another good one this week! :)

  2. I have the next two books to the Kristin Billerbeck series! Don't buy them, I'd be happy to ship them to you!!!!

  3. I LOVE Kristin Billerbeck books! Enjoy the next two in the series. :)


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