Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Life continues to be crazy, but I thought I'd try to squeeze in at least one midweek post.  So her are some totally random confessions on a Wednesday...

1. When "Call Me, Maybe" comes on my Pandora station, sometimes I don't hit the skip button.

2. I don't hate the seven hours I spend every week commuting to class and clinicals.  Mostly because it gives me the chance to sing at the top of my lungs in the car and pretend I'm Adele.  (Even though I try not to actually sing like her.  The future SLP in me cringes every time I hear her voice, because I can't imagine the damage she's doing to it with that tense, raspy-ness).

3. I'm going to break the bank on fall candles and pumpkin spice lattes.  Sorry, husband.

4. I am a future speech pathologist, and I form my Rs in a weird way.  While working with an articulation group this morning, I kept telling one student to pull the tip of his tongue up.  My supervisor suggested he try it with his tongue lowered.  Whaa....?  I thought everyone formed their Rs with their tongue tip up...?  But according to my supervisor, I guess I am actually in the minority...?  You learn something new every day.  I can't even say the sound without having my tongue curled with my tongue tip straight up.  Mind = blown.  Do you say your Rs with your tongue tip up or down?

5.  I am a nerd for caring that much about Rs.

6.  I need to stay off of Facebook until November 7.

7. My sister and I are going out for Thai food for lunch tomorrow, and this will be the highlight of my day.  Just to escape the dungeon for awhile will be great.  I call the building where all my classes are "the dungeon" because there are no windows in most of my classrooms, and the grad room (where I spend most of my break time) is kind of dark and dreary and there are no windows in there either.  Once the time changes I may literally go through my Tuesdays without seeing the sun except for about an hour in one classroom that actually has a little window in the front of the room. Talk about depressing! (...and talk about run-on sentences!)

8. As much as I'm loving grad school, I still sometimes mourn the fact that I'm doing this instead of the whole mom thing.  Being content is a daily battle. 

9. I miss having time to blog regularly.  I hope you all don't give up on me!  I know I have been a poor commenter, but I'm still reading all your posts when I have time!  I am going to try to be better at commenting too. And I haven't even checked my blog email in about a week, so if you've emailed me, don't think I'm ignoring you!  

I think that's enough babbling for one evening!  Hopefully I'll be back on Friday to share my H54F!


  1. My "r's" are formed tongue up as well! I spent years in speech therapy as a child for an R correction and I guess that's the only way I could form it correctly! I realized in college that most people make it "tongue down," and I thought it was so strange!

  2. My tongue tip goes down(isn) when I say my "r's" - but not very distinctly. Actually my tongue is mostly just in the middle of my mouth when I make the "r" sound, maybe just slightly down. I can also say it with my tongue pointing up if I try though! That's talent, huh?

    I admit, I kinda-sorta like "Call Me Maybe" too - I think it's just the tune or something!


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