Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week in Review

It's back!  In an effort to blog a little more often, I've decided to start writing "week in review" posts again.  They're basically quick and easy to write, and it will give me a reminder of these crazy grad school days.  Also, these are my favorite posts to go back and read later on, because they contain so many fun memories of our everyday lives.

Highlights from last week:

*I spent most of the day on Sunday getting ready for the week ahead of me.  This included gathering up and printing out materials for lesson plans, and going shopping for some business casual clothes for clinicals.  Having an excuse to buy clothes is always fun!  I also raided the back-to-school bins at Walmart which contained tons of $.50 gems that I could use for therapy! (stickers, card games, etc).   I also stocked up on some fall candles, because why not?

*We spent Sunday night at Luke's grandparents' house, celebrating his grandpa's birthday.  We all spent most of the evening playing with baby Lilly.

*Mondays are going to be my fullest, most stressful days, unfortunately.  I spent it at a clinical placement all morning, eating a hurried lunch in the car on the drive from one place to another, and then clinicals at another placement in the afternoon.  I'm honestly glad my most overwhelming day is the first day of the week, so I can get it over with!

*Tuesday is my longest day of classes, and I got a text right before my second class from my mother-in-law saying that she made broccoli cheese soup, and was going to drop some off at our house, so I didn't have to make dinner that night!  I appreciated it so much!  It was a huge highlight of my week.

*Later Tuesday night, my mom dropped off a little gift for me, just because.  Tuesday was the day for surprises, I guess!  It is so cute, and I love it!

*Thursday between classes my sister and I met for lunch.  We went to a Thai restaurant, and it was so nice to eat a warm lunch and catch up with her.  It made my day go by so much faster, too.

*I spent Friday at a workshop for children with hearing impairments.  I thought it was pretty interesting, and I also get extra credit for going! win-win.  I know this is going to mark the first of many workshops in the next 30 or so years! 

*On Saturday, Luke went to the Ohio State game again, so I hung out at home alone all day.  I made some coffee, turned on Revenge in the background, wore jeans and a comfy sweatshirt, and made neuro flashcards all day.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.  And Ellie was feeling a little attention starved, so she sat on my lap for most of the afternoon.  It just felt like fall, and I loved it. 

Speaking of fall...oh my word.  Is the sky ever more beautiful than it is during the fall?  I really enjoyed it this week.

I cannot believe it's Sunday, and a new week is beginning already!  Where did the weekend go?  Let the craziness begin again...

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  1. Jess - I had this random dream about you last night where you were on a TV reality/game show and won $1million. Wish that were true ;). It sounds like you are enjoying grad school. Praying for you in the busy-ness.


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