Friday, March 22, 2013

A Surprise Party for Scarlett!

Yesterday was just an ordinary class day: I had 3 classes in a row from 8-12, a seminar from 12-1, and one final class from 2-3.  It was my last day before spring break, so of course it was dragging.

I was sitting in my seminar class after an exciting demonstration on electrical stimulation (no seriously, it was sarcasm here)  when Grace, a girl from my class, got up and started telling the class she had something for someone who was expecting something really special in a few months.

It took me a few seconds to realize she was talking about me!  Ha!  Before I knew it a card had been placed in a hand, and a big cake, cookies, and cans of pop were being pulled out from mysterious places.

I was so shocked!  I felt my face burning and my heart racing, being the extreme introvert that I am.  At the same time I had to hold back tears because I was so touched!

My classmates had all gotten together behind my back to get me a card and a nice Babies R Us gift card.  They all signed the card with little notes inside.  I can't wait to put the card in Scarlett's baby book!  It will be such a good reminder of what life in grad school was like while I was pregnant with her, and during her first year of life.

My friend Stephanie picked out the most adorable cake!  It was delicious, too.

I was so nervous about telling all of the people in my class about the baby.  I wasn't sure how they'd react and if they'd think I was irresponsible or just plain STUPID or something!  Clearly, I was worrying for no reason, because they have all been so supportive!  They've constantly asked how I've been feeling, commenting on the ever growing bump, and some of them are even reading my blog to keep up with all of the little milestones.  The moms in the program have given me so much advice already.  I am so blessed to have such a supportive group of ladies to spend my two years of grad school with!  And now Scarlett is blessed by them as well!

Thanks again to my amazing classmates!  I am so blessed to have you all as classmates now, and as colleagues for the rest of my career!


  1. We're all just so excited to watch you go through this process- can't wait to meet little Scarlett!! :)

  2. That was so sweet of your classmates! Isn't it wonderful to have people from different areas of life supporting you! And that cake looks so good!


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