Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

We'll call this one, "Scarlett's Wardrobe Edition" with a few others thrown in for good measure.  Because I hate that this is turning into a "baby blog," but I just can't seem to help it!

Last week we found out that the baby is a girl.  Luke and I haven't bought her a single thing in the past week, but somehow she has already accumulated a substantial wardrobe!  Thank you, aunts and grandparents!  I just had to share some of the cuteness today.

I already shared this little sleeper from Grandma Judy (my mom).  

And now she has a similar style from Grandma Patty (Luke's mom) but with little bunnies instead of strawberries

And some onesies from Aunt Moey and Grandma Patty

Her first little dress from Grandma Patty...I'm so glad she'll be a summer baby, and can't wait to see her wear this!  

 And in case it's cold, the most adorable little cardigan.  Looks about the size of my doll clothes from when I was little!

 And more from Aunt Moey!  Her first little romper,  and her first pair of jeggings!  I'm dying.  She will be so trendy!

A close up.  Because I can't handle them, and they are just too cute!

And her first headbands, also from Aunt Moey!  And they match all of the outfits from her perfectly!    This makes it so hard to wait for July!

And Aunt Di sent me this picture of some clothes from her as well.  Too cute!
It's pretty clear that Scarlett is already quite loved (and spoiled!)  I promise I won't post a picture of every item of clothing she receives, but I am just so excited, and couldn't help it today.  Plus I want to give a big thank you to the aunts and grandmas (and uncles and grandpas, too! Although I'm sure they weren't as excited at the prospect of buying girly clothes!) for loving her so much already!  


And here are a few other pictures from life lately:

My cousin Sarah had a baby girl almost two weeks ago.  I visited in the hospital and got to hold her for a bit.  My Aunt Beth mentioned that Hadley was laying right on top of her cousin while I was holding her.  Now that I know the baby is a girl,  I'm sure Scarlett and Hadley will probably be the best of friends (plus big cousins Elin and Hudson!)  My cousin Rachel and I were born about 9 months apart, and to this day, we are so close!  ...Literally, she's my neighbor! Ha! But in all seriousness, she was and is one of my dearest friends, along with her sister Sarah.  and I'm so happy for Scarlett to have so many cousins to grow up so close to!

 On a less serious note, somebody has a little Viggle addiction.  I hit 100,000 points last week!  I'm trying to hoard all of my points until I have enough to cash them in for a bunch of gift cards or something big.  I'm just not sure exactly what yet.  

I have a daily pregnancy calendar that my sister got me for Christmas, and I was so excited when I turned to this page on Monday!  She will be here before we know it!  Which is exciting and terrifying all at once.

And last picture...I was adventurous and tried a non-pink or -red color on my nails.  This is Essie's mint candy apple, and I got really excited when I saw that it matched my Otter Box perfectly!  I've been really into this color lately.  

Happy Friday!  Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. girl clothes are SOOOO cute!! i want to buy so many of them!! it's so fun!! and i love the color of your nails!


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