Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Shower #2 - Alice in Wonderland Theme

I had my second baby shower this past weekend.  It was thrown by my side of the family, and just like my first shower (blogged about here), it was amazing!  The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and it was very whimsical.  It was thrown by my mom, sister, cousins, grandparents, and aunts.  My mom is super creative and used to be a florist, and clearly, my sister inherited all of the creativity from her, and shared none of it with me!

The Details:
The shower was held at my granparents' house, in their beautiful garden.  They owned a floral shop/nursery business until they retired, which is pretty apparent when you see the garden!

The sign read, "There's a baby brewing, and we're mad with excitement!  Welcome to Scarlett's Wonderland.  Please come in and enjoy this tea party shower.  Walk around the garden, make Scarlett a headband, play a round of croquet, grab a bite to eat inside, and enjoy the company.  Gifts will be opened every half-hour. [It was an open house shower where guests could stop by any time]  Thank you for coming!"

 There was a table set up where everyone could make a headband or bow for Scarlett.  My cousin Rachel put it together and ran it, and made the hair bow holder.  What a cute idea!  Scarlett will literally have a different hair bow every day for a couple of months straight, I think!

My mom used the teapots from my sister's wedding as planters for favors

The Food:

We had lots of fancy, little sandwiches, veggies, fruit kebabs (I never know how to spell that word, and when I Googled it, I got about 10 alternate spellings, so hopefully that's right!), mints, nuts, sandwich cookies and some amazing cupcakes made by a Bible study friend from church.

I cried a little when I saw the beautiful display!

The Guests:
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Scarlett and her long awaited, upcoming arrival!

Luke and I have been in multiple Bible studies with the above ladies (Rachel and Karen) and their husbands, and we always used to joke that we were the only couples left in our late twenties at church without kids.  Well a few months after I found out I was pregnant, Rachel announced that she was too!  And Karen followed suit a month after that.  It has been fun going through various stages of life with these ladies, and I can't wait for our kids to grow up together.  Who knows...Scarlett's best friend and/or future husband could be one of these babies!  Is it too early to be thinking like that?!  (I know...yes, yes it is!)


I just can't thank everyone enough for all they did to make this shower special!  Especially my mom and sister, who worked so hard!  ...And my grandparents for hosting everyone in their gorgeous garden!  It was the perfect "wonderland!"


  1. Wow how beautiful! Looks like the perfect shower!

  2. Your shower was adorable! What a cute theme! So glad things are going well with the pregnancy & nesting & preparations for baby Scarlett!!!

  3. This might be the cutest baby shower I have ever seen! You have such creative family - I love it!!!


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