Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Firsts

I am almost done writing Scarlett's birth story!  I may need to publish it in about 5 installments, because it is so long!  But I will probably start posting it sometime this week.

Until then I wanted to document a few more "firsts" for our precious baby girl.  It is so fun to have a brand new baby, because everything is a first for her!  It's fun to watch her discover the world for the first time.

On Thursday, Scarlett attended her first softball game of Daddy's.  I was so excited to bring her out, because let's be honest: it was a chance to dress her up!  She slept the entire time, but I'm sure she was cheering her daddy's team on in her dreams!

"Uncle JC" held Scarlett for the first time last week.  I think JC is under her spell just like everyone else seems to be!

Scarlett had her first of many "photo shoots" this week.  I decided to try to do her newborn photos myself, because that was the one thing that sort of slipped through the cracks.  They're not perfect, but I got a few really cute ones!

 And today Scarlett went to church for the first time!  She stayed awake the whole time the band played, and fell asleep during the sermon.  I guess she just wanted to stay awake and listen to her daddy play the drums!  Anyway, she was quite the popular guest this morning, and it was fun having her "meet" everybody!

I thought we needed a family photo to remember her first Sunday at church.

Blurry, but here she is in the service, listening to the worship music:

Here she is posing with Grandma, Great Aunt Beth, and Cousin Hadley after the service

We are so enjoying these days, and trying not to let them slip by too quickly!  


  1. So cute! Can't wait to read birth story!

  2. The outfit of her at church is so sweet!


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