Monday, July 1, 2013

This Baby is Full-Term!

It has been a wonderful day around here!  Not only is it finally July, the month in which my daughter will be born (at least she better not hang out in there until August!) But it is also officially the day I am full-term!  Scarlett is big and strong enough to come anytime now! 

I had my weekly appointment this morning.  Here's the long version, but if you missed it, my doctor was not in the office last week, and the nurse practitioner who saw me instead put me on bed rest because I was measuring a little small.  At my appointment today, my doctor basically said she thought everything was most likely fine.  She said that I am a petite person, I was a tiny baby and Luke wasn't huge either, and that not everyone has an 8 or 9 lb baby.  I'll continue to have non stress tests twice weekly to be on the safe side.  And I have a growth ultrasound next week to make sure she's grown since my ultrasound a week ago.  My doctor anticipates that everything is fine, but in the case that she hasn't grown, I'll be induced right away!  Yikes!  So I'm praying that she is at least a bit bigger.  I'm really not worried, though.  

The best part?  She took me off of bed rest!  She acted like it was a bit unnecessary for me to be on bed rest last week, which is exactly what I thought she'd say.  Hallelujah!

I feel so much more at ease after my appointment today.  I have never been so excited to be able to clean my house or go grocery shopping!  It's not fun to feel helpless.  I'm so glad she cleared me this week, because as I said yesterday, we have a lot of fun things coming up with the 4th of July and our anniversary. 

After my appointment today, Luke and I went to a celebratory lunch at Cheddars.  We came home and I started a load of laundry and did some dishes.  I was all set to just clean away all afternoon.  But all of a sudden I got so tired!  I laid down and fell asleep for an hour.  Oh, pregnancy.  You do strange things to my body.  Yesterday I felt like I could have run a marathon because I think a nesting wave hit, but I was helpless to do anything about it!

Anyway, today feels like such a huge milestone!  I've been waiting for this day for so long!  It's such a relief to know that she could come at anytime, and she would be just fine, most likely.

Keep on cookin', Scarlett, for as long as you need to.  But we are officially ready whenever you are!

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