Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Days

Well look at that: I buy a new camera, and suddenly I'm blogging daily.  I have to admit, I've been in a bit of a blogging rut ever since grad school started.  However, this camera has totally reignited my love for blogging!  There are so many little moments in every day that are beautiful and special (the theme of this entire blog!), and somehow trying to capture them helps me to recognize and appreciate them.

July is one of my favorite months.  I love the long, lazy days, The 4th, trips to the pool, softball games, sipping iced tea out on the porch, ice cream running down the cone as it melts...I love it all.  Not to mention our anniversary is in July, and now Scarlett's birthday will be in July too.  It's just a good month!

Today I went out grocery shopping and gave in to a craving I've been having for days: donuts.  Just because.

It was a little dreary outside, so when I got home I lit a candle and enjoyed some relaxation time on the couch, without guilt.

And this afternoon I tried a recipe I had found on Pinterest for Chipotle corn salsa.  I got the recipe here.  I think I'm going to bring it to some picnics we have coming up this week.

Now that I'm off bed rest, I feel like I can really enjoy these last few weeks before I go into labor.  As much as I know I'll cherish every moment of Scarlett's first days with us, I know I will never get these days before her birth back again, either.

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  1. Your photos are looking great. Did you use a tutorial to learn how to use your camera? I haven't been able to easily figure out how to get off using auto on mine! Any suggestions would be great.


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