Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Favorites

All right fellow bloggers...I recently came up with a genius plan.  Are you ready for this?  Here it is: every company that sells a product or a service must pay a fraction of their revenue to a "blogger" fund.  Then everyone who has a blog gets paid from that fund.  Because I've realized that I am a million times more likely to go out and buy something if a blogger *who is not endorsed by the company* recommends a product than if I see an advertisement for that product.  So us bloggers will be compensated for promoting the things we like without biases based on payment from specific companies.  

Anyway, that's a silly idea.  But to me it makes sense!  I love hearing what products bloggers recommend, because I know you are just normal people like me.

I decided to do a "Fall Favorites" post today.  This might become a monthly thing, or a seasonal thing here at "Something Beautiful."  I'm sure you all could use a break from the Scarlett posts anyway!  

Favorite Home Fragrances:

My favorite home fragrances right now are all from Bath and Body works.  These 3-wick candles can be a little pricey, but I try to buy them during their 2 for $22 sales (one is going on right now). They last for a long time, so they're worth $11 in my book. 

 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  The scent description from Bath and Body Works says, "A fall harvest favorite inspired by delicious treats found at the local market: pumpkin pie, vanilla cream, and spice." (source).  I've written about this scent before because it's been one of my favorites for years.  I would say I smell more cinnamon than pumpkin in it, but it is just perfect for fall.  And I LOVE all the labels in the Fresh Picked line.  I never use candle holders, because I think the labels are so pretty themselves.  Perfect for fall!

Leaves.  As you can see, I burn this candle a lot!  It's almost burned down.  And this is hands down my very favorite fall scent.  The scent description says: "Celebrate the Brilliant colors of autumn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple, and spiced berries." (source).  I definitely smell the apple and the berries, and even a sweet, perfumey undertone.  I have the scent portable in my car for this scent too because I love it so much!  Again, the label is beautiful!

Cranberry woods.  I have yet to burn this one, but it smells amazing cold!  I thought it would be perfect as a fall or Christmas candle, so I'm kind of saving it until later in the season.  The scent description says, "A mysterious blend of cranberry, rich blackcurrant and raspberry delicately layered with notes of cinnamon bark, cedarwood and warm amber inspired by the magic of the woods during harvest time."  I would say it smells a lot like cranberry with a little sweetness and spice to it.  It will be the perfect scent for Thanksgiving! 

Favorite Body Care Items
All from Bath and Body Works.  We'll start with anti-bacterial gel:

 I'm not a germaphobe or anything, but since it will be cold and flu season soon, I thought it would be good to keep some pocket bacs on hand.  I like to hook them to Scarlett's diaper bag or my school bag.  I bought a bunch a few weeks ago, but these are three of my favorite fall-specific scents.  I had to take a close-up picture of each, because they are so adorable!

Pumpkin caramel latte.  Again, I love the label!  What a cute picture!  The scent description says, "Gather with friends and celebrate the season with this warm, rich blend of creamy pumpkin, spiced caramel, and sweet cream."  (source). Honestly?  this smells like none of that.  It smells like pure maple syrup to me.  But I still think that's a nice scent for fall.

Aspen Autumn Day.  This is a very unique scent.  I like it a lot.  So much so that I have it in scent portable and foaming hand soap forms as well. But I would imagine it could be hit or miss depending on your taste.  I can't find the scent description for this one, but I would say it smells like apples with a hint of something else.  I can't figure out what that something else is, but it's good!  

Pumpkin Cupcake.  Honestly I am not a huge fan of bakery scents for body care items, so I mostly like this one for the cute label. Ha!  The scent description says, "Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin covered in loads of rich buttercream frosting." (source) I'd say that's pretty accurate to what it smells like -- just very heavy on the frosting.

Now here are a few body care items that are not fall-specific, but I've been using them this fall, so I'm including them.
Pink Chiffon lotion and shower gel.  This is from their signature collection, so it's sold year-round. This scent is so sweet, and it just makes me feel really pretty and girly whenever I wear it.  It almost smells like cotton candy.  I know that sounds strange for a body care item, but trust  me, it's good!  The scent description on the back of the bottle says, "This whimsical scent is a delicate blend of sparkling red pear, jasmine petals, and tiare flower whisked with vanilla orchid and chiffon musk."  

I also love these little hand creams that are $5.  

Vineyard Berries is my favorite.  It goes from my school bag, to my purse, to the diaper bag.  Basically it travels everywhere with me, because my hands get insanely dry this time of year.  I can't find the scent description, and I can't even find the words to describe it.  But it smells amazing!

Sweet Clementine is also amazing.  I leave this one in the bathroom and use it in the mornings a lot.  The scent reminds me of orange juice, which is just a pleasant smell in the mornings! Actually, I'm sitting here smelling it again, and I think it smells more like an orange creamsicle than orange juice.  Which is even better if you ask me!  Again, I cannot find the scent description.  But yeah, just think of an orange creamsicle.

Favorite Clothing Items
 I'll start with my favorite fall clothing item for me, and follow with a few of my favorite clothing items for Scarlett. 

I have not been shopping for clothes for myself much lately.  But yesterday I found this Ohio State t-shirt at Old Navy.  It was 50% off this weekend, so I got it for an amazing price!  I needed a new Ohio State shirt because my old ones don't exactly fit my new body.  I loved this one, because hello! says "scarlet"!  And it's really soft, comfortable, and long.  I didn't know Old Navy had college team gear!

This is also from Old Navy, but it's obviously for Scarlett.  I like Carters, but honestly get sick of animal and sayings on everything.  We get love mommy.  Do we really need to print it on every piece of clothing you own?  So this was a nice change.  I think she's going to wear it to church next Sunday with black leggings, and I can hardly wait to see her in it!

I know I just said I get sick of animals printed, or embroidered on everything for babies, but this is different.  Because it is just so cute!  This is also from Old Navy.  It's made of thick fleece, so I thought it would be good for the colder weather I'm hoping will eventually come our way in Ohio. It's extremely soft, too.  

This is a little sweater dress, and it came from Gap.  And I want a matching one for me, because that's how much I love it!  My mom bought this for Scarlett a few months ago, so I'm not sure if they're still available.  But doesn't the little elbow patch just kill you?  It's my favorite part!  This is still a little too big for Scarlett, but I literally try it on her once a week to see if it fits her yet.  I'm just so excited for her to wear it!

 Favorite Home Decor Items:
I bought a few of these little owl banners for $1 apiece last year at Walmart.  I love them!  I  hung a few in random places in Scarlett's room.  She needs fall decorations too!  (Although I guess we could keep them up year-round).

And I found this owl chalkboard at Family Dollar, of all places!  And it was $3!  I put it on my bathroom sink because that room needed a little touch of fall.  I love it!

 Favorite Nail Polish
Essie's Master Plan.  This is my favorite gray polish that I've bought to-date.  It has a bit of a purple tone to it.  I think it's perfect for fall.  

Essie's Bahama Mama.  The name sounds like summer, but I think this is the perfect fall color!  I love dark colors for fall, and this is such a warm, rich, purple.  I think this might be my very favorite color in  my entire collection (which really is quite small, but still...) at the moment.

I think that's it for my fall favorites!  I've had a bit of a Bath and Body Works obsession lately.  I'm finding that after having Scarlett, I just don't feel pretty or girly anymore.  I think it's because I'm a few pounds heavier, my clothes don't fit like they used to, and I just don't have time to worry about my appearance.  But if I smell good, and if my nails look good, I feel much more feminine and pretty.

What are your fall favorites? I would love to know!


  1. Love that polka dot for Scarlet! So cute. :) I really need to hop over to B&B are the third person to recommend their candles! ;)

  2. I like your blogger fund idea! Everything from B&BW is so good for fall - I barely made it there in time to buy fall hand soaps, they sold out so fast! And I love that red Essie color!


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