Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Touches

I usually do a fall decor blog post.  This year I'm having such a hard time just keeping my house clean, my thoughts were, "What's the point of decorating?!"  But I did add a few little festive touches:

These are delicious. Also, I'm wearing my favorite fall nail polish (at the moment): OPI - I'm Not Really a Waitress.

8 of these coasters for $1 at Target

Lost track of the salt shaker, but this is cute enough to be out on its own.

 Wait, how did that get in there?  (Just kidding.  I couldn't resist).

I like to keep a basket full of seasonal goodies on the counter

Right now I've got apple cider K-cups,

Starbucks Hot Cocoa - Cinnamon dolce (delicious!),

And random candy.  I don't usually buy candy, but as I said on Instagram (jessicaw1106 -- follow me!), Halloween is a good excuse!

 Scarlett has some fall decor in her room as well.

We read these books just about every day, and she loves them!  She is really getting to the age where she is actually paying attention to the pictures at least.

That's it for my fall decor this year!  

And a little life update since I NEVER post anymore: I finally decided that I can't worry about getting all A's and also clean the house and spend adequate time with Scarlett.  So I've given myself a break, and decided that, who cares if I don't have all A's?  What difference does it really make?  My employer will care much more about my experience than GPA, so why kill myself?  I feel like a giant weight has lifted from me, and I refuse to be a ball of stress during this time of year, especially with Scarlett.  She can sense when I'm stressed, and I think it makes her grumpy too.  Life's too short!  

Coming up later this week:  Scarlett in her very first Halloween costume ever!  I love this time of year!


  1. Love you fall decor. I've not tried that Starbucks cocoa!

  2. I love your fall decor touches! We are in the middle of house renovations and I had no desire to even begin to drag out Fall decorations, so you're doing better than me!


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