Thursday, October 3, 2013

Girl's Weekend & Scarlett's first White House Experience

Last weekend Luke was in Columbus for the Ohio State game.  It was a night game, so he and a friend stayed there Saturday night so they didn't have to make the long drive home late at night.

So basically, this was Scarlett's and my first girls' weekend!  I know she is way too young to appreciate that, but we (I) had so much fun anyway!

On Saturday, Scarlett napped away while I got a chance to clean the house.  There is just absolutely no time to do much cleaning during the week, so it feels so good to have a clean house on the weekends!  And I was finally able to put out a few fall things, about 3 weeks later than normal.

Later we went out to dinner with my aunt and cousin, plus her two littles, at Chipotle, and then did some shopping.  Scarlett and I went to Bath and Body Works, where I spent way too much money on fall things!  Shopping in that store is an addiction during this time of year.  Everything from my car, to my house, to my body smells like cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin.  Anyway, one of the sales associates pretty much followed me around the store fawning over Scarlett (or just making sure I wasn't shoplifting.  I've worked retail before -- I know how that works!)  And told me that she wins the cutest baby of the day award!  Even though one of her co-workers brought her new baby in earlier that day!  (Let's ignore the fact that she was probably just trying to butter me up so I'd spend more money). I may be 20 pounds overweight now, have frizzy hair, and spit-up stains on my clothes, but tell me my baby's cute, and my self-esteem is restored!

We came home and watched a chick flick and did manicures!  AKA, I watched "I Don't Know How She Does it" (I wouldn't recommend that movie by the way, it was kind of boring) and painted my nails while Scarlett slept in a coma-like state.  Still fun, and made me look forward to the time when she's older and we can do these things together.

Sunday after church, we went out to lunch and made our annual trip to White House Fruit Farms with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.  Scarlett literally slept the entire time.  3 straight hours.  We decided she will be more fun next year!  We got some cute pictures, at least.

Here I am with Diana, Maria, and the little sleepy-head

 Yay, pumpkins!

 Me and my girl...still completely out

 Here she is for a picture that is sure to become an annual tradition.  Literally the one and only time she opened her eyes while we were there.  And it kind of looks like she's smiling, but...

 ...nope, that is the start of her "I hate this!" face.  

Better luck next year, I guess!  Ha!  Overall, it was a fun day, and I can't wait to share many more like it with my girl.  Next year I will probably let her have a little taste of her first White House donut, so there's no way she'll have anything but a giant grin on her face!  

I am trying to cherish these special days before they are over.  I love every minute with Scarlett, but time is just going way too fast!!  I cried when I used her last newborn-sized diaper the other night.  I can't wait until she's older and can understand and appreciate all of these things more, but I also want her to stop growing and just stay this precious size and age forever.  I'm learning that motherhood will forever make me feel this way.


  1. Hee that last picture. Too cute! ;)

  2. so precious! Looks like a great time!


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